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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Men All Love Novelty

After calming down, Madelyn called Camila and told her that she would come to the hospital to visit her father later.

Out of her expectation, Camila refused her in a firm tone, "I'll take care of your father. You and Benjamin just fell in love, so it's more urgent for you to nurture your relationship."

Madelyn was a bit dumbfounded.

Just fell in love... To nurture their relationship...

Wasn't her relationship with Benjamin something forbidden? Madelyn wouldn't overvalue herself to think that Benjamin helped her because he had fallen in love with her. There were few Cinderella stories in reality.

However, she didn't want to sadden Camila, so she replied ambiguously.

Camila was very happy and ended the call after reminding Madelyn of something.

After putting down her phone, Madelyn was lost in her thoughts for a long while. She didn't even notice it when Claire, the hourly housekeeper, showed up at the door.

Claire came here to ask Melody about what cousins she would like for lunch. But as soon as she came here, she noticed that Madelyn was wearing a men's shirt with light bruises all over her exposed neck.

Oh, Mr. Clark is really a lustful man!

Claire was very happy. She said to Madelyn as if she had understood something and was teaching her something, "Men all love novelty and would lose control as you just fall in love, while women have to bear it. I'll boil some nourishing soup for you this noon."

Madelyn knew she must have misunderstood something.

However, it was unnecessary to explain to her. After all, she and Benjamin would have sex sooner or later...

Therefore, she said with a smile, "Thank you, Claire."

Claire then left to continue with her work.

Then Madelyn pulled up her shirt to check on her body, only to find bruises and hickeys all over her body. She didn't dare to look at them anymore and took a deep breath. Her intuition told her that Benjamin was more lustful than ordinary men.

Madelyn decided to take a shower first.

When the water ran down her body, she felt much soberer. She needed to think about her next plans.


After lunch, Benjamin called her and asked her to go to a store to fetch several bottles of wine.

He had stored several boxes of high-end red wine in that store and he wanted Madelyn to fetch two bottles of them.


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