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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 54

Chapter 54 The Campbells Beg Madelyn for Mercy

Madelyn didn't intend to keep it a secret.

She had fallen out with Campbells and didn't have any relationship with them anymore.

She replied calmly, "I'm not clear about it. I fetched it for others."

Sophia, Daniel's younger sister, couldn't hold back anymore. She lashed out, "Madelyn, don't be so shameless! I remember you loved my brother very much before. You two have just broken up, and yet shortly after that, you moved into the other man's house. And that man is my brother's future brother-in-law!!! Are you deliberately retaliating against us?"


Madelyn replied with a sneer, "I should feel happy as I survived Daniel. What capability do I have to retaliate against the Campbells?"

Sophia wanted to scold her again, but Gabriella stopped her.

She said blandly just as he did before, "Madelyn, probably you have no idea about this matter. Daniel's company was trapped in some problems this morning. From the news I got, it was because Benjamin was deliberately targeting him."

Madelyn was taken aback.

The next moment, she associated it with Benjamin's abnormal behavior last now and his words "I'll think about how to taste you after solving all the affairs".

She thought he was flirting with her, but it turned out he meant it.

There was no doubt that a man of his words was very charming. Madelyn felt her body hot at the thought of it. At the same time, she took pleasure in the Campbells' misfortune.

Madelyn didn't feel sorry for them.

She looked down at her coffee and said blandly, "Then you should go to Benjamin or Eloise. Why did you come to me?"

Gabriella replied with a faint smile, "Madelyn, I know you're a smart girl and you should know why. Meanwhile, I also believed that you became Benjamin's mistress because you had no choice, and deep in your heart, you still love my son Daniel. I promise you..."

Madelyn didn't want to hear the rest words.

She felt so disgusted.

Meanwhile, she was amused by their shamelessness. She said angrily, "Mrs. Campbell, you've thought too much. I have some advice for you. You should go to see a psychiatrist. If there isn't something wrong with your mind, why would you think that I would still love a man who almost ruined my family?"

She turned around and left after finishing the words.

Sophia cursed behind her, "Madelyn, we're showing respect to you, but don't be so shameless. I don't believe that you've stopped loving my brother. You should help him, shouldn't you!"

Standing there, Madelyn felt a sharp pain with every breath she took.


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