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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 66

Chapter 66 You Need to Give Him What He Wants

Claire was delighted that they were in love and happily prepared the breakfast.

Madelyn went back to the bedroom room. She was going to pack up a set of clothes and bring it along to the law firm. She rummage through all his clothes, but she was too embarrassed to send the shirts she had just bought for him. Instead, she chose the ones that he often wore.

She packed his clothes in a bag and took a taxi to the Bravo Legal Firm.

For fear that she would disturb Benjamin, she called Paisley and told her why she was there.

Paisley happened to be in Benjamin's office, and she covered the phone as she spoke to Benjamin, "Ms. Green is here. She has brought breakfast and a set of spare clothes for you. She said she has put them at the front desk for me to pick up."

Hearing what she said, Benjamin, who had been reading the documents, looked up at her.

He stared at Paisley for a while before he spoke, "Go and bring them to me!"

Paisley blushed, and her heart was racing under his gaze.


If she hadn't been married and had children already, she wouldn't have been able to resist his charm.

However, didn't Mr. Clark want to see Ms. Green?

Benjamin continued to go over the documents and said casually, probably because he had known what she was thinking, "We see each other every day. There's no need to be so clingy."

Paisley thought to herself that he was really good at hiding his true feelings!

Nevertheless, she quickly went downstairs and managed to get the specially prepared breakfast before Madelyn left. She invited Madelyn to come upstairs with her.

Madelyn smiled and replied, "No, thanks! I have to go to the hospital later."

Paisley wished her well and chatted with her for a few more minutes before Madelyn left.

Paisley carried the breakfast and clothes upstairs and handed them over to Benjamin. Benjamin had been busy all night and happened to feel hungry, so he took a quick shower in the lounge and changed his clothes.

After the shower, he looked refreshed and energetic again.

Paisley touched the dark circles beneath her eyes and was jealous that he could be so robust and vigorous.


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