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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 71

Chapter 71 William Once Had a Biological Daughter 

William smiled, "It's been a few years! Benjamin, I heard you're doing well in your career." 

Benjamin humbly responded. 

They chatted casually for a while, and Eloise came up from downstairs. She liked to take William's arm acting like a little girl, "Uncle, my father is waiting for you downstairs." 

William patted Eloise's hand gently. 

It showed great affection. 

Eloise smiled brightly and accompanied him downstairs. "Didn't Eleanor come back this time?" 

William was taken aback. 

He instinctively looked back at Benjamin. 

He was leaning against the floor-to-ceiling window, his dark clothes blending into the night outside. He furrowed his brow, lifted his chin slightly, and slowly smoked a cigarette with his slender fingers... 

William sighed, thinking that Benjamin was truly outstanding. 

He looked sad and whispered to Eloise, "Well, she's not coming back for now." He couldn't hear what else Eloise said... 

On the terrace, Benjamin slowly finished a cigarette before leisurely walking down the stairs in response to his family's urging. 

Tonight, the Clarks' mansion had important guests. 

The household servants were busy, making it lively and bustling. 

Alexander prepared a sumptuous feast to welcome his good friends. He hugged William warmly and said, "It's been a few years since we last met, but you still look as charming as ever! Look at me. I'm clearly getting older." 

Eloise joked softly, "Dad, do you wanna return to youth and find a second love?" 

Everyone at the table laughed. 

Brianna scolded her lovingly, "What nonsense! If you keep talking like that, your dad will scold you." 

Eloise playfully stuck out her tongue. "Uncle William will protect me." 

Brianna smiled lightly and said gently to William, "Eloise has always liked sticking to you since she was little." 

William looked at Eloise, feeling a pang in his heart. 

Although he and his wife had a daughter, she wasn't their biological child but adopted. If he hadn't placed such importance on his pride back then, causing his girlfriend to leave with disappointment, wouldn't he have his own flesh and blood like Eloise? 


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