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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Why Did You Come Back? The Smell of Alcohol Was Strong

Alexander was not happy. "Isn't this your home? Why are you leaving so late at night?"

Alexander had a bad temper and was arbitrary with everyone.

Others were afraid of him, but Benjamin wasn't.

His tone was even more indifferent, "Just going back to look up some files."

Alexander couldn't do anything about him and waved his hand. "Get out of here! Being just a lawyer, wiping people's butts every day. You even like being busy!"

Benjamin mocked him, "The Clark Group pays me 80 million a year to be their legal advisor. I thought you knew that, Dad!"

Alexander threw a paperweight at him.

"Get out!"

Benjamin left quickly.

As soon as he got in the car, Alexander followed and opened the car door to scold him, "What are you doing? You drank almost half a catty of white wine, and you still want to drive yourself back? Why don't you fly a rocket to the moon?"

Benjamin got out of the car and handed the keys to the driver.

The driver was an old family member and could tell that Benjamin wasn't in a good mood. He didn't dare to say much and only took him to the apartment.

The car stopped.

Benjamin leaned back on the chair and exhaled lightly, "Asher, you go back first!"

Asher left helplessly.

With this posture, Benjamin took out a cigarette and put it to his lips.

The lighter lit up.

His elegant fingers held the snow-white cigarette, slowly inhaling and exhaling. The smoke entered his lungs, colliding with a twinge of pain.

But strangely enough, he felt good!

He smoked four or five cigarettes before getting out of the car and entering the apartment.

He opened the door, and the living room was dim.

But it wasn't completely dark. The curtains in the living room were drawn back, and the faint moonlight spilled into the whole house, giving it a somewhat romantic and beautiful atmosphere.

Benjamin threw his coat on the sofa and walked quietly to the master bedroom, turning on a bedside lamp.

Madelyn was sleeping.

Her small white face was clean and pure, resting on the pillow with her long brown hair spread out, making her look indescribably beautiful.

Benjamin reached into the covers and teasingly touched her!


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