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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Daniel, I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass

Benjamin managed a small smile. "Where's Mr. Campbell?"

Charles tilted his chin slightly. "Don't worry. He is well taken care of."

Benjamin strode into the room.

A lively scene was enacted there with several people sitting inside.

The rich young man was tucking into a cup of ramen and making yummy noises.

The manager and Caroline sat in silence. The girl, wearing a suit over a black camisole, was shivering all over. Hearing footsteps, she looked up and then froze.

She had never seen such a gorgeous man of great charm!

His dignified manner was in marked contrast to her incredibly messy state. She felt so bad as if she did not deserve to appear in front of him...

Benjamin's eyes fell on her face.

Her face resembled Madelyn's. Benjamin immediately figured out what was going on.

Benjamin looked at Daniel with a sneer.

Daniel met Benjamin's gaze, a touch of imperceptible defiance surfacing under his brown eyes. This subtle expression might be lost on the people around him, but not on Benjamin.

Benjamin did not mind but snickered faintly.

"Charles!" Benjamin spoke, "What formalities do I need to do?"

Charles already had a receipt ready.

"Mr. Clark, please sign and pay."

Benjamin shot a glance at it and then said, "I'm gonna bail them all out. As for what happened tonight..."

Charles took his hint.

Rich families feared it most when they were enmeshed in a scandal especially caused by a troublesome, philandering son-in-law. Charles immediately reacted with a knowing smile, "Mr. Clark, rest assured, this matter will be over here."

Benjamin was whisked through the formalities.

The rich boy yelled, "Who asked him to do it? I don't want to owe him a fucking favor."

Charles was hurling abuse.

Benjamin raised his hand, took out his phone, and said carelessly, "Fine, I'll call Mr. Nolan to come and get you! And he'll know what his good son does!"

The rich boy's face flushed red.


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