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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Regret It Now? You Just Find That You Love Her? 

Benjamin sneered, "Let me tell you why then!" 

He was standing in the whistling night wind. 

With his white clothes and black hair, he got a perfect set of sharp features as Apollo. 

Benjamin looked at Daniel condescendingly and uttered a snorting laugh, "Regret it now? You just find that you love Madelyn and couldn't leave her until she is with me? Well, Daniel... it's your own choice throughout, like, you set the traps for Samuel early on and you seduced her deliberately... It's not that you have no chance to repent, but that you choose the power over her again and again!" 

Daniel tottered to his feet and his face turned pale. 

Benjamin sneered, "You gave up on her yourself! And you sent her to me with your own hands!" 

Daniel's lips began to tremble and he started to shake even. He just couldn't control it even though he wanted to. 

Benjamin stared at him and gave a brittle laugh again, "Just put away your loverly look, Daniel! What have you done?" 

Suddenly, Daniel kept his eyes fixed on Benjamin. 

He found that there were many faint hickey marks on the side of Benjamin's neck... Obviously, the marks could only be made after a long time of kissing. 

Daniel's Adam's apple bobbed. 

He couldn't help thinking how many times they had sex tonight. 

Benjamin followed Daniel's gaze and looked down. 

Madelyn felt something when they made love tonight. She just lay on his shoulder and nibbled lightly... Both of them were rather emotional at the moment and even the air in the bedroom seemed to be full of love. 

But Benjamin was not someone shameless. He didn't mention any details! 

Although he just had a temporary relationship with Madelyn, he had no intention of looking down upon her. Especially, to a certain extent, he liked her temperament, cooking skills and her body! He just liked everything about her! 

Benjamin stamped out the cigarette butt. 

He said to Daniel, "I have limited tolerance! You should be glad that Eloise still likes you, otherwise you should have been put in jail for what you have done." 

Daniel laughed lightly as he heard that. 

He seemed to figure something out suddenly, "Thank you for your teaching! I will be a good husband and I won't wrong her and let her shed a single tear." 


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