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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Be Good, Don't Be Angry

Benjamin's eyes were deep.

Benjamin said in Madelyn's ear in a husky voice, "Then I will give the maid half a year off. What do you think? There will be only the two of us left in the apartment, and we can make love whenever we want! Madelyn... Do you agree?"

"Knock it off. We can do it at night!" Madelyn coaxed Benjamin.

Benjamin gently held Madelyn's hand...

Madelyn groaned softly and leaned on Benjamin's shoulder. Then she stopped talking.

Seeing Madelyn agree, Benjamin soon let Madelyn help him masturbate.

Outside, the maid was doing housework quietly. Suddenly, she noticed the movement in the master bedroom and immediately knew what Madelyn and Benjamin were doing. She couldn't help but flush.

After listening quietly for a while, the maid thought, "I'm sure Mr. Clark hasn't vented his desire for a long time. The sound is so loud. Hope Ms. Green won't be bullied!"


Inside the bedroom.

Benjamin didn't make love many times because he had to go to work.

He went to the bathroom to take a shower and changed into a clean suit. He walked towards the bed while wearing a tie.

He was so busy making love all night and almost forgot the important thing.

Benjamin bent over and touched Madelyn's face lightly. He said, "If you have time, just pick a few dresses during the day, okay?"

Madelyn was half kneeling, meekly tying a tie for Benjamin.

She was only wearing a men's shirt Benjamin took off last night. When she leaned over, she naturally showed her beautiful body. Benjamin was a man who had a strong sexual appetite, and he couldn't help but squint at Madelyn at this moment.

Benjamin held Madelyn's hand lightly, breathing quickly.

Madelyn blushed and didn't stop Benjamin. She thought for a while and said, "I bought a few dresses last time, and I can choose one from them."

Benjamin frowned as if he was a little unhappy.

He said gently, "I'll ask Paisley to send you a dress!"

Madelyn saw that Benjamin was unhappy, and she immediately knew that he might think she was lacking knowledge and experience. Madelyn herself knew this. After all, her family was only middle-class and was far away from wealthy families.


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