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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 93

Chapter 93 The Way Mr. Clark Makes a Pet of a Woman

Madelyn flushed when Benjamin was flirting with her.

Madelyn stroked Benjamin's perfect facial features with her fingers and whispered, "You will be late if you don't leave now."

Benjamin stared at Madelyn.

Actually, Benjamin didn't know what was wrong with him. He was not a youth anymore, but he couldn't help but like to say something to make Madelyn shy.

In terms of sex, Madelyn was pure and unsophisticated. Benjamin liked to make her be what he liked. That was a great sense of accomplishment for a man.

Benjamin came out of the bedroom. He was considerate. After breakfast, he asked the maid to go back early.

The maid didn't agree.

"Mr. Clark, you employ me as a maid. How can I get your salary for nothing without finishing work today?"

Benjamin slowly drank the black coffee.

He thought for a while and said, "Well, I will ask Paisley to transfer you three months' salary. You can rest at home for these three months. We will talk about it in three months."

It depended on Benjamin's interest in Madelyn. If it was still like this in three months, then the maid would have to rest for several months.

Benjamin said calmly, but the maid flushed!

In the early morning, Benjamin made such a loud noise, and the maid vaguely heard a lot. She was conservative, and she didn't know that men would groan like that when they made love.

The maid didn't dare to think deeper.

She was judicious and very happy. She could go back to her hometown to see her husband and children for a few months' salary.

The maid packed up and left quickly.

Before leaving, she whispered, "Mr. Clark, treat Ms. Green well. She is a good girl."


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