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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 94

Chapter 94 He Is Amazed by Madelyn's Appearance

Paisley smiled and said, "Ms. Green has a good eye! I saw the apartment had a lot of changes. No wonder Mr. Clark said long ago that you were dexterous and had good taste."

Paisley had a good tongue. Her words made Madelyn's previous anger at Benjamin disappear, and Madelyn accepted these dresses much more confidently.

Madelyn relaxed and let the stylist design.

The banquet was a little personal, so there was no need to dress up too much. The stylist picked out an ink-colored dress with spaghetti straps for Madelyn. The dress was very close-fitting, and Madelyn's slender legs naturally showed from the hem.

The stylist admired, "Ms. Green, you're in good shape, and your skin is impeccable."

She took a closer look...

Madelyn's face was small, and her facial features were very perfect.

The stylist discussed with Madelyn, "This dress is more suitable for a better hairstyle. I will make a new hairstyle for you. If you like it, you can go to my shop to make it permanent."

Madelyn stroked her long hair.

Her hairstyle was natural, but she also wanted to try another hairstyle.

The stylist moved quickly. Soon she helped Madelyn straighten her long hair, sprayed disposable hair dye, and then trimmed her hair.

After finishing the makeup, the makeup artist said softly, "You really look like the heroine of the movie, but your skin is more fair and delicate. Your legs are straighter."

Others echoed.

Madelyn was amazed by her new appearance.

She thought, "It turns out that I can be so pretty. Is this the power of money?"

Sending away the people, Paisley was afraid that the makeup was messed up, so she didn't let Madelyn do anything and personally set up a separate cabinet for Madelyn's selected dresses and hung them up.

Paisley said naturally, "In two days, I will pick a few sets of jewelry to match all kinds of dresses."

Madelyn did not refuse, because she knew that it was Paisley's job.

When Paisley left, she glanced at Madelyn deeply. She silently thought, "Mr. Clark has been late for work recently. Maybe it will be the norm. With such a lovely person at home, no one is willing to get up from bed."


Benjamin came back at seven o'clock in the evening.


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