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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Few People Can Anger Benjamin

Madelyn softened when she looked at Eloise's pretty and lovely face.

However, she knew she was exceptionally kind to Eloise mostly because she liked Benjamin.

Madelyn was ashamed of her thought.

She couldn't help looking at Benjamin.

When Benjamin met her eyes, he got angry.

He thought, "What, does she want to stay with Daniel that much? Does she want to take him home?"

Benjamin looked at Daniel.

As a man, Daniel soon noticed Benjamin's displeasure. He gave a faint smile and said with feigned politeness, "I hope it won't trouble you too much."

Benjamin sneered.

He put his arm around Madelyn's waist gently and said, "Of course not."

Madelyn didn't expect Benjamin would agree, so she couldn't help asking in a small voice when they were alone, "Are you sure?"

Benjamin gazed at her for a good while and said slowly.

"I thought you liked the idea. Didn't you have a good chat with him just now?"

Madelyn guessed Benjamin got her wrong, so he said in a sarcastic tone.

She didn't explain.

Benjamin was well aware of her past with Daniel. She could do nothing about it if it upset him every time to see her meet Daniel in public.

However, she felt aggrieved, her eyes turning red.

William happened to see that and came over with a smile. "Did you bicker? Benjamin, you're a man and should treat your girlfriend well. She's the apple of her parent's eye at home. There's no reason for her to tolerate you blindly."

He patted Benjamin. "Try to restrain your temper."

Benjamin respected William and nodded.

William had to entertain the other guests. Before he turned to leave, he said to Madelyn meaningfully, "Few people can anger Benjamin."


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