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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 663

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Fifth Elder was silent.

He turned to look at Hong Yu. "Did our manor lady know nothing about that?"

Hong Yu raised her eyebrows. She smiled and looked at Feng Ruqing. "Young Lady, Tang Yu could do whatever she wanted before in Fengyun Manor because Fifth Elder was so stupid. He believed whatever she had told him. So, he is here today just to ask for your forgiveness."

"Oh!" Feng Ruqing understood now. "You came to ask for my forgiveness. How dare you come and frighten me! Are you really asking for my forgiveness or do you just want to frighten me because youre unhappy with me?"

Fifth Elder seemed so sad. "I dont have that intention."

"No?" Feng Ruqing sneered and walked toward Fifth Elder. It was unknown as to what kind of things she had put in her hand. She rubbed it on Fifth Elders face. Then, she showed Fifth Elder her finger. "Then, why did you put so many freckles on your face? Are you not trying to frighten me?"

The others only put some freckles on their faces. But, Fifth Elders face is covered in them. Isnt he trying to frighten me?

Fifth Elder turned his head skeptically and glanced at Hong Yu gingerly.

"Young Lady" Hong Yu did not give any time for Fifth Elder to say anything more. She said, solemnly, "How daring of Fifth Elder to do so! What if we punished him? Ask him to go and clean up the latrine?"

Fifth Elder was extremely shocked. "Hong Yu, you"

Hong Yu remained calm and serene.

But, she was nervous.

She thought that Feng Ruqing would adore the freckles but she did not know why Feng Ruqing was infuriated.

Maybe its because Fifth Elder is an old man. Not only is he a male but he is also an old man. Are those the reasons why the young lady is unhappy?

That must be it!

Young Lady adores freckles. She would never be angry because of them! It must be because of Fifth Elders ugliness!

"Young Lady, better ask Fifth Elder to hurry up and clean up the latrine. If not, youll be frightened out of your wits."


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