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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 664

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She nearly revealed the secret about Nan Xian.

Feng Ruqing did not notice it. She smiled softly. "I told you. I like only Nan Xian."

Suyi lowered her eyes slightly.

She likes Nan Xian. Its not easy.

What if

I kidnap Nan Xian at night?

"Other than him?"

"I like beautiful people aside from him." Feng Ruqing smiled happily.

Suyi was quiet.

She likes beautiful people. Nan Xian will definitely kill me if I ever dare to present her with beautiful people.

"What else?"

"Beautiful palace maids."

Suyis lips twitched. Can you please not ask for beautiful people anymore?

Then Nan Xian it is. Why dont you tell me where he is so I can kidnap him for you?"

"Dont you know where he is?" Feng Ruqings smile deepened.

Suyi was stunned.

Does Feng Ruqing know about our relationship? When did she know? When did I reveal myself?

"Oh, what I meant was Nan Xian is the state preceptor of our Liu Yun Kingdom. Everybody knows that he lives in Southern Bamboo Grove." Feng Ruqing fixed her eyes on Suyi with a mysterious smile.

Suyi remained calm and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

So that was why

I thought that I had revealed myself.


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