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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 665

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Surely she would never want Qinger to know about that.

"But, shes too naive. She did not conceal the truth very well."

Qinger is very smart. Surely, she would know about our relationship.

But, shes quite smug and she thought that Qinger really believes what she said.

But, they were indeed mother and son. Nan Xian knew perfectly well what was up in Suyis sleeves.

Feng Ruqing nodded, approvingly. "Its really funny. But, I like her."

I like her beauty, her physique, and also her identity as Nan Xians mother.

Nan Xians face sank. "You cannot like her."

"Why?" Feng Ruqing was shocked.

I like Nan Xian and thats why I like Suyi. Isnt that nice?

Dont tell me that you want us to be enemies?

"No." Nan Xian hugged Feng Ruqing. He said, calmly, "Shes not as beautiful as me. You dont have to like her."

Feng Ruqing was speechless.

Nan Xian continued calmly. "If she wants to kidnap you in the future, you dont have to bother about her."

Feng Ruqing kept quiet.

Whats wrong with Nan Xian? Is he jealous of his own mother?

"Furthermore" Nan Xian stopped talking for a while. "Shes too old for you. Its not a good match."

"Nan Xian." Feng Ruqing raised her head. "Whats wrong with you today?"

"Im fine." Nan Xian lowered his eyes. He smiled softly. He seemed quite gentle. "I wont allow anybody to take you away from me."


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