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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 666

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Feng Ruqings heartbeat quickened. She felt that the state preceptor knew the truth.

"State Preceptor."

"Qinger." Nan Xian touched her lips softly. "I havent given you the present that my mother has asked me to give you before. What about I help you change into it now?"

Feng Ruqing was surprised.

"What present?"

The man hugged her waist when she stopped talking. He strongly pulled her into his embrace.

His fingers were slender. He touched the girls clavicle gently. Then, his fingers fell on her belt slowly.

Soon, her belt was pulled down. Her clothes fell on the floor. Her hair was fanned out on the bed like a waterfall.

"Is the present she has asked you to give me your body?"

Feng Ruqing narrowed her eyes. She leaned toward the state preceptor. Her smile was dazzling and captivating.

Nan Xian was smiling. He stretched out his hand. Then, he put a dudou in her hand.

"She made the dudou herself. She asked me to give it to you."

Feng Ruqing did not know how to respond to that.

She suddenly straightened her body suddenly.

Suyi asked Nan Xian to give me a dudou before she has even met me. She has even asked him to help me change into it.

"Qinger, we cant disappoint her."

Nan Xians hand fell on Feng Ruqings back.

Feng Ruqing closed her eyes a little because of that warm touch.

"State Preceptor, are you sure that youre just helping me to change into the dudou and not trying to sleep with me?"


"Then, will you beat me if I sleep with you?" Feng Ruqing smiled happily.


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