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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 667

Feng Rushuang glanced at Qing Zhu before she turned and looked at Nan Xian. "What about some snake soup?"

Nan Xian left Feng Ruqings side. He took off his clothes to wrap it around the girls half-naked body. He got up slowly and walked toward Qing Zhu expressionlessly.

"Master, its not intentional. I saw nothing. Its true. You have got to believe me. Argh!"

Nan Xian did not care about Qing Zhus trembling body. He grabbed hold of its neck like he was holding a dead snake in his hand. He walked out into the dark night calmly.

"No! I dont want to be made into snake soup! Princess, save me!"

Unfortunately, Qing Zhu was met with only dead silence then. There was only the cold night breeze and its pathetic state.

Feng Ruqing stared in the direction where they had left. She lowered her eyes slightly. There was a soft smile on her face. But, her expression was cold.

"The Mu family"

It seems that I need to face more powerful enemies in the future.

Ill never forgive the people who have hurt Nan Xian before no matter who they are! Even if they are his family members!

That kind of man has no right to be his father!

Feng Ruqing seemed quite determined. She stared at the moon outside the room. She seemed to have made a decision in her heart


The next morning.

The palace maids from Fengyun clan were standing outside the manor. They seemed confused and nervous.

"Guardian Hong Yu, do you know the reason why Young Lady has asked us to gather here early in the morning?"

Hong Yu was quite nervous too. She shook her head and said helplessly, "I also dont know. There might be something given that she called us so urgently."


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