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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 673

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Nothing was more important than being a beauty!

An Cui clenched her fists tightly and glared at Feng Ruqing. In the end, she turned around and left without saying any word.


Feng Ruqing blurted to stop An Cui.

An Cui paused and turned to look at Feng Ruqing, "What else do you want?"

Feng Ruqing said, smilingly, "To frame me have we gotten over with this? I have never liked to take the fall for others."

"I" An Cuis eyes suddenly turned red. She could not even bring herself to speak.

She would definitely threaten her by bringing up her family background if it was in the past.

However, Gu Yiyi was around and that made her afraid of bragging about the power and connection she had with Tian Shen Manor.

"Then what do you want?" She gritted her teeth and asked.

"Its simple." Feng Ruqing smiled gently, "Kneel down to apologize and call me Father!"

"You" An Cuis eyes widened as if she had experienced a lot of humiliation. Tears almost broke free from her eyes too.

Back then, when she was in Tian Shen Manor, she had never failed with her schemes as every youth and talented handsome man in Tian Shen Manor would take her side as soon as they saw her cry no matter what.

However, those crowd in present had remained still and stood aside. Nobody stood up for her.

Was it true that everyone from the secular world was so heartless and cruel?

She was the one who was bullied but still, no one came to help her!

"Cousin?" An Cui finally turned to look at Gu Yiyi."You pushed me just now, and now youre hoping for me to help you?" Gu Yiyi glared at An Cui. "Do you really think Im a fool?"

She had lent a helping hand to her, but then she still pretended like she was a good person when she pinned all the blame on her.

From what she had observed, back then when they were in Tian Shen Manor, An Cui was also a wolf in sheeps clothing. How was she not aware of that back then


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