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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 674

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"Youll know when you are there." Feng Ruqing squinted. "However, with your body size, the usual herbal dishes are not enough to cure you. So we can only use the better spirit herbal dishes to cut down your weight. However, the price "

"How much do you want? I have a lot of money! Really!" She was afraid that Feng Ruqing would not believe in her, so she quickly took the money out from her storage bag and put it in front of Feng Ruqing. "Look, Im really wealthy."

Feng Ruqing was speechless.

Which landlords silly daughter is this?

"Spirit herb dishes are not for sale as it requires a higher grade of spirit herbs to exchange for it."

Spirit herbs?

Gu Yiyi scratched her big head and said, "I might need to go back to my home and get it."

"It doesnt matter. You go to Paramount after you get it." Feng Ruqing gently smiled as she stared at Gu Yiyis face for several seconds more. "What Ive said just now was sincere. Fatties are all cute."

Gu Yiyi was dumbfounded.

As she looked at Feng Ruqings gentle and smiling face, she did not know why she felt the urge to not want to cut down on her weight anymore!

Luckily, Gu Yiyi quickly came to her senses and clenched her fists tightly.

She must slim down! She must not let those crowd of people laugh behind her back anymore!

Tang Yin looked at Gu Yiyi and turned to look at Feng Ruqing again. Something seemed to be going on in her mind.


Feng Ruqing would never find out that Liu Yun Kingdoms trendto have freckles on the facebecame popular because of something she had simply said.

Also, she could never imagine that Liu Yun Kingdom would regard obesity as a standard of beauty in the future.

Perhaps that was how the world works


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