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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 698

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Tang Yi looked deeply into Feng Ruqings eyes. Then, he smiled.

Tang Yin did have a much better taste than them in choosing her friend.

"You can now tell me about the things you have mentioned just now," she said, calmly.

Feng Ruqing stopped walking and came to stand beside Tang Yi. She seemed serious and solemn.

Tang Yi smiled bitterly. "Xiao Yin is not a child of our Tang family. She was adopted by our second master back then. But, Tang Luo himself did not even know about this. Im the only one whos aware of this."

Feng Ruqing was shocked. Tang Yin is not a child of the Tang family?

Why did Tang Luo know nothing about that?

Tang Yi might have guessed the doubt in Feng Ruqings mind. He smiled softly. "The second master of our Tang family had left home for a few years. He brought Tang Yin back when he returned to us. So, no one in the family knows of Tang Yins real identity. But, the second master told me everything before he died."

Feng Ruqing pursed her lips and waited for Tang Yi to continue his story.

She did not disrupt him.

"Tang Yis capability is very powerful. Her strength would be feared by the whole world!"

Feng Ruqing narrowed her eyes. "You mean"

Tang Yi laughed bitterly. "You could see for yourself that Tang Yins physical strength is still very strong even if her current strength is weak. This is still under her control. So, her stepfather did not allow her to cultivate. He had even sealed her strength. Although that seal will not prohibit her from cultivating, itll slow her speed in cultivation."

Feng Ruqing knew from the day she met Tang Yin that Tang Yin had a strong physique just like a bull. But, her strength was weak.



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