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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 699

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"Its because Yiner is abeastman!"

A beastman

Feng Ruqing froze right there and then.

A beastman was the product of a human and a spirit beast.

But, spirit beasts and humans were not of the same species. They rarely consummated.

However, if they did have a child, the child would surely have all the talent and strength of both species.

A beastman could be in the world as a human and no one would know the truth. Similarly, they have the power and long lifespan of the spirit beasts. Furthermore, they would have even inherited the advantages of both the human and spirit beast. The strength of beastmen was potentially vastly powerful.

It was the same case with a mixed-blood person. They were naturally much beautiful than ordinary people. It was the same with beastmen. They were stronger than ordinary people.

"Shes not only a beastman but one of her parents is even a savage spirit beast!"

Savage spirit beasts were one type of spirit beasts. But, the ordinary spirit beasts would never take the initiative to attack humans. However, the savage spirit beasts were different.

They were not only strong, but their natural instincts were savage and ferocious. They treated humans as food especially those humans or spirit beasts who intrude their territories. They would all become the beastmens food.

Hence, the mainland separated the savage spirit beasts from the ordinary spirit beasts in the past.

But, Tang Yins not related to the savage spirit beasts.

"What about that?"

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I dont care about Tang Yins true identity. I just know that Ill never betray her!

"I understand what you have said. Dont worry. Ill never leave her behind."


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