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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 631

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Ma Bo Jian spoke the most out of these few days to Sima You Yue.

“But who did You Yue cripple? I heard that he’s Teacher Hong’s student under the Department of weapon refinement. That teacher is very protective, will You Yue be alright?” Shu Yuan Yuan asked anxiously.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Xue Rong said casually. “Is Teacher Hong stronger than Teacher Xu? Teacher Hong will shield his student, wouldn’t Teacher Xu do the same? It seems that Teacher Xu is the most protective teacher in the inner sect.”

“Oh, right.” Shu Yuan Yuan smiled. “Teacher Hong is not stronger than Teacher Xu. You Yue, when the time comes, just push Teacher Xu out. You’ll be alright.”

“Not bad. Maybe we can try that then. Who told him to throw me here?” Sima You Yue was not sure about their suggestions. She decided to put the matter aside for later.

Somewhere in the inner sect, Xu Jin raised the corner of his mouth. This guy actually crippled someone? He’s pretty heavy handed.

“Hong Fa, your student actually dare to touch my student. This account is not easy to settle!” He took a bite from his spirit fruit and murmured.

The courtyard door opened. A big and tall youth entered and caught sight of Xu Jin laying sluggardly on the chair. He asked, “Master, you told me that little junior brother is coming. Why hasn’t he come yet?”

“Xiao Xiao, what are you in a hurry for. That kid will come when it’s time.” Xu Jin answered, “Are you concerned about him?”

“Master, you asked me to arrange accommodation for him and let me take care of his affairs.” Xiao Xiao said.

“Wait, it won’t be long.” Xu Jin said.

“Master, did you throw him into the maze forest?” A lazy voice transmitted from outside. Then another youth dressed in white walked in with his eyes half opened. The people in the courtyard didn’t think his half-asleep appearance was strange. Presumably, he was always like this.

“Jiang Jun Zhe, if you’re not refining pills or sleeping, why did you run all the way here for?” Xu Jin looked at his eldest disciple. Every time he saw him, he wanted to refine some pills to destroy his face. However, every time he saw that the former was a little bit worse than himself and let him go.

“I just finished refining pills and came out. I heard that you came back, so I came to see old man you.” Jiang Jun Zhe touched his face and said lazily, but he emphasized three words – old man you – specially.

“Why are you all here? Is that the kid coming?” A lady clad in red entered and saw all three of them. She thought it was the legendary little junior brother.

The lady in red appeared the most normal of the three martial brothers and sisters at present. She appeared normal, talked normal and walked normally. It seemed that she was really normal. But what she said later completely exposed her abnormality.

“What? Where’s the person? Really, I left my delicacy to run over here. I’ll go back to eat.”

“Han Miao Shuang, what else can you do besides eating?” Xu Jin felt a headache looking at his second disciple.

Why did his students either love to eat or sleep?! How could he have been cheated by them!

“Master, I can not only eat but also refine pills! Don’t you know? Oh, my, I’m so hungry. I’m going back. “Han Miao Shuang glanced at Xu Jin and was ready to leave.

“Han Miao Shuang, besides refining pills, you’re always eating. Why didn’t you get fat like a spirit pig?” Jiang Jun Zhe still appeared sluggish.

“Jiang Jun Zhe, besides refining pills, you’re always sleeping. Why didn’t you get fat like a pig?” Han Miao Shuang returned his words before turning around to leave. “Oh, right. When little junior brother arrives, let me know. I wantto see what kind of person master accepted this time.”

“Don’t worry, he’s not like you, very normal.” Xu Jin replied.

“Tsk, will you accept normal people as disciples?” Han Miao Shuang obviously didn’t believe it and left the yard without glancing back.

Look at her direction, it was needless to say that she must have gone to find food.


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