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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 632

Misty Cloud TranslationsMisty Cloud Translations

Sima You Yue looked at the shadow on the ground that was elongated by the moonlight. The swaying shape didn’t appear normal. Before turning around, the strong intoxicating scent of wine hit her.

“Who are you? Why are you standing here?” Slurred questions came from behind in a drunken manner.

Sima You Yue turned around and saw a woman in a flaming red dress, drunk, holding a jar of wine in her hand, and looking at her with her head askew.

“I’m looking for Teacher Xu.” Sima You Yue answered.

“Looking for my master?” Han Miao Shuang squinted at Sima You Yue, then smiled and affirmatively said, “You are Sima You Yue, right?”

“That’s right. You Yue greets senior.” Sima You Yue cupped her hands to Han Miao Shuang.

“What senior, it’s senior sister in here.” Han Miao Shuang waved.“I was asking them in the daytime when you’ll be arriving and here you are, arriving at night. Not a bad speed I must say. Come on, I’ll take you in. But you must keep up with me, or I can’t guarantee where you will disappear off to.”

Sima You Yue glanced at the array with interest. She didn’t expect the array to have both a maze effect and transportation effect.

“You Yue will keep up with senior.”

“Isn’t it senior sister?” Han Miao Shuang corrected her again.

“Teacher Xu is only my teacher, not my master. Although you’re his disciple, you’re not my senior sister. I can only call you senior.”

“He didn’t accept you as a disciple?”This time, Han Miao Shuang was surprised. It didn’t match his temperament!

“Did senior just come back from the barbecue?” Sima You Yue changed the topic with a smile.

“How do you know?” Han Miao Shuang immediately became interested.

“Besides the smell of wine on you, there is also the faint aroma of charcoal.” Sima You Yue explained.

“Are you familiar with the smell?” Han Miao Shuang grabbed her hand. She saw Sima You Yue nodding, so she excitedly asked, “Then you can make delicious food?”

“A little.” Sima You Yue did not know how she was so excited. She pondered for a bit before replying.

“What can you make? Barbecue?”

“Well, I can barbecue.” Sima You Yue answered.

Not only barbecue, I can do other things. She didn’t say that. Because she found Han Miao Shuang’s expression was a little unusual, which was not the same as other gluttons. But what’s wrong, she couldn’t determine at the moment.

“Really? Can you make it for me?” Han Miao Shuang said, “As a new little junior brother, you should make some food senior sister. Mm, that’s settled. You go to the master first, and then I’ll go find you later.”

When they happened to walk into the courtyard. Han Miao Shuang patted her on the shoulder and left very excited. Sima You Yue saw that she was so excited that she even seemed to be sober.

“Does this person… really love to eat?” She murmured while looking at her back.

“She likes delicacy and alchemy equally.” A youth suddenly appeared beside Sima You Yue and startled her.

Sima You Yue stared with wide eyes at the big man with a height of at least two meters. She subconsciously asked, “Who are you?”

Such a tall, strong and rough looking man, compared to Xu Jin’s delicate face, it was totally two extremes?

“I’m Xiao Xiao. I’m master’s third disciple. I used to be the youngest. Now you’re here. You’re the youngest.” Xiao Xiao said.

Xiao, The XiaoXiao Xiao? Sima You Yue stuttered and her whole body did as well.

With his appearance, how could he say his name easily?

“Senior, Senior Xiao Xiao, that was?”


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