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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 633

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“Master left in the day but I do not know the reason why. He asked me to wait for you and bring you to your room. Come with me.” Xiao Xiao said. “I’ve prepared your room. By the way, master said that you were frightened today, so you can have a good rest. He went to deal with it.”

Sima You Yue paused her steps. Xu Jin already knew what she had done today? He even said that she was frightened? He’s sure that he’s right???

He must know what she did today, or he wouldn’t said he’d deal with it. Now that he knew, how could he say that she was frightened?

“This is your room.” Xiao Xiao led her to a small building on the side. He opened the room. “Master and the rest of us live in that small building but the lodging is full. This one was used to put sundries. Now it has been cleaned up by me so it’s definitely like a bedroom. The bedding, tables and chairs are all new. No one has used them before.”

Sima You Yue walked in and saw a tidy room. Even she who loved cleanliness couldn’t find any blemish.

“Thank you Senior Su.”

“It’s very late today. Take a rest first. Leave everything else to tomorrow.” After Su Xiao Xiao finish, he left.

Sima You Yue went to the entrance and looked at the courtyard. There were four small buildings. One was Xu Jin’s and their house, the other was her house, and as for the other two she didn’t know their purpose. But considering all the alchemists must live here, they should be related to alchemy. In addition, there were some flower beds in the courtyard, some of which were rare. There was a large land behind the courtyard, which probably holds medicine herbs.

“Although Xu Jin was a little fussy, he seemed to be normal, but his three disciples, how can they all…” She shook her head and closed the door gently.

At this time, Xu Jin was in the director’s office of the inner sect, and Hong Fa was also there. He leaned casually on the sofa of the office, while Hong Fa glared at him angrily.

The director in the office was a man with a moustache. Seeing the two of them like this, he rubbed his brow and felt a headache.

“Xu Jin, you connived your student to commit violence in the Maze Forest, yet you are still so indifferent. Aren’t you too arrogant?” Hong Fa shouted.

“It doesn’t matter that I am arrogant. It’s just wrong that your student is begrudging. Why, the cause of the matter has been figured out. Your student was being obscene to my student. What’s the matter if my student taught him a lesson?”Xu Jin played with his fingernails and didn’t pay any attention to Hong Fa’s anger. “Besides, he wasn’t killed? He’s still alive!”

Hong Fa only said one word whereas the other retorted with many words, making him almost choke. His face turned unsightly.

“Xu Jin, your student has done such a cruel thing, how can you say it so indifferently and easily?!

“Wrong, I’m not indifferent nor at ease. I’m extremely angry.” Xu Jin seriously said.

Hong Fa coldly snorted. He thought Xu Jin was angry at Sima You Yue. However, he almost spat blood when he heard his last words.

“My student is also soft hearted. If another man dares to say that to me, I will not only cut his lower, but his neck as well. Humph, what kind of thing he is to think of my student in such a way. I have to teach him well in the future and be more ruthless when it comes to this kind of thing. It’s a shame for us men!”Xu Jin scolded seriously.

“Xu Jin!” Hong Fa roared furiously.


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