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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 635

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I have no interest in fighting a battle crazed dog like that. Sima You Yue said with a wave of her hand. The worst thing about being involved with a battle crazed person like that is that he will come and hound you to battle him whenever hes bored. Its simply asking for trouble to hang out with these types of people.

She looked over to the courtyard, saying, Since Teacher is not yet awake, lets go. Ill take you guys around for a look. You can familiarise yourself with the places so that you wont get lost.


The place where Wei Zi Qi and the others were living in, was considered to be those kind of huge dorms. A few tens of people shared a single courtyard. Although each person had their own house, it was a lot different from where Sima You Yue lived.

Sima You Yue actually saw two familiar people when she entered.

Yan Er, Wu Hen. You guys live here too? Sima You Yue asked with surprise.

Tuoba Yan Ew just happened to return from her closed door cultivation. She turned around in shock when she heard Sima You yues voice.

You Yue? When did you come to the sect? Tuoba Yan Er was ecstatic to see Sima You Yue and bounded over with large strides.

I arrived last night. Sima You yue said, I didnt think we would end up sharing a house. I assumed that you would be staying with Han and the others.

Us new students pretty much use these few houses. It just happens that they are your brothers and friends, so we stayed together. Tuoba Yan Er explained.

You Yue, what are you Feng Wu Hen walked over as well, taking a look around.

I came to see where my brothers were living and familiarise myself with the area. Sima You Yue said.

The Thunderbolt Team is out looking for you. What are you doing here? Feng Wu Hen said.

You know about it too?

Its such big news. The entire sect found out about it within the day. Furthermore, the Thunderbolt Team has been going around talking about it, so everyone wants to see how things end up when you fight! Feng Wu Hen said.

Pfft- Sima You Yue let out a laugh, If the leader of the Thunderbolt Team isnt an idiot, then it means he has a grudge against that person.

Eh? They didnt get it.

Otherwise, why would he tell everyone about the fact that he was castrated? Sima You Yue said, To a male, what do you think is the most embarrassing thing? However, everyone knows this now. If the leader of the team doesnt have a grudge against him, then it must mean that hes an idiot.

Pffft- Hahahaha-

Now that she had explained things in this way, everyone understood. It really seemed to be the case!

Cough cough. Theres no need for you to bother about whether or not that guy is an idiot. With so many people in the thunderbolt team, youll end up on the worse end of the exchange if you fight them. Feng Wu Hen said.

Ill take note of it. Sima You Yue replied.

What are you talking about? Tooba Yan Er was confused. She had no idea what everyone was talking about at all although they seemed to get it immediately.

So, Feng Wu Hen told her about how Sima You Yue had wasted the guy.

When Tuoba Yan Er heard it, she looked at Sima You Yue with a face full of shock and couldnt help but burst into laughter. She actually laughed till tears spilled out of the corners of her eyes. You Yue. Youre a guy, okay. Didnt you think about yourself when you did it?

Nope. Sima You Yue answered honestly.

Because she wasnt a real guy!

Alright, You Yue. Lets take you back. Now that youre in the thick of things, it wouldnt be good if those from the thunderbolt team saw you. Sima You Yue said.

Alright then. Teacher should have woken up by now, too. Sima You Yue said, Yan Er, Wu Hen, Ill come by for a chat sometime.



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