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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 636

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Leader Xiao, can I trouble you to head back and let those above you know that the sect is a place where people come to study, not to fight. If you do not bother my studies, we can live harmoniously. But if you insist on getting in my way and making me your enemy, I dont mind battling with you to the death!

Sima You Yue took Sima You Ming and the others with her as she left. Those who were watching the show saw that they were walking towards them, so they subconsciously backed away to make way for them.

Sima You Yue? Why does this name sound so familiar?

Ah? Didnt the new student who took leave for a year have the name Sima You Yue?

Yeah, it seems to be him!

Hes actually a new student? Heavens. How is his battle ability anything like a new student?

He isnt just a new student. Hes even an alchemist! How does an alchemist have such strong battle capabilities?

This person is way too scary. Itd be best if we stayed out of his way.

Hes right. The Thunderbolt Team just insist on making an enemy out of him, but hes going to be a hard pill to swallow. Heh heh. Im kinda looking forward to the future days.

Xiao Qi didnt get hit, but his expression was terrible. He had actually been scared silly in front of so many people. How was he supposed to show his face around the sect in the future!

Lets go! You useless group of rubbish! He shouted at the men lying on the floor as he left in a huff.

Both groups had left, so those who gathered to watch dispersed as well. Not too far away, two men, one dressed in black and another in white, watched the crooked retreating backs of the thunderbolt team and their excited expressions had yet to fade.

Mo Bin, did you see that! That guy is so strong! The blue clad man pulled on the black clothed mans sleeve excitedly.

Mo Bin pulled his sleeve out of his hand and said faintly, I saw it. The student isnt bad.

Isnt it, isnt it! Tang Yan didnt mind getting tossed off as he beamed, I really didnt think that such a cute freshman would appear this time! Even the Thunderbolt Team is afraid of him. Tsk tks, I wonder if this is another case of the new generation surpassing the former!

Whether or not it is, is none of your business. Lets go. Mo Jin turned around to leave as Tang Yan chased after him.

Do you think he will participate in the later three matches?

Didnt you hear them say that he was an alchemist? He should be participating in the alchemist battle.

Itll be good if he participates in the one for spirit masters. I really want to see how many people he can surpass. Tang Yan said, What do you think? If he participates in the spirit master battles, which rank will he reach?

The top two hundred, I guess. Mo Jin thought about how clean her actions were and accounted for her raw strength as well before changing his answer, Maybe the top hundred and fifty.

Its already amazing for a freshman to reach the top five hundred! Tang Yan felt the same way about Sima You Yues abilities. If the crazy guy new about his battle abilities, I wonder if he would run over to demand to battle with him.

Its possible. But he might suppress his strength. Mo Jin felt like the possibility was high. That crazy guy just loved battling strong people, and would suppress his strength to fight on the same level as them if they were weaker than he was. The last time he came to find you, who won?

How could he possibly win me?! I gave him a heavy beating so hell stop coming to bother me. Tang Yan said with a headache, I dont understand why he doesnt go looking for you all but keeps coming back to harass me.

How do you know that he doesnt come looking for us? Mo Jin retorted.

Does he? Tang Yans eyes opened wide, How come I didnt hear anything about it?

A long time ago. Mo Jin said, We settled it a long time ago. If he lost, he couldnt come and bother me for a hundred years.


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