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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 642

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Sima You Yue walked around the room to where the herbs were placed and saw that these herbs, together with what she had in hand, could make a fundamental pill, so she took them out.

This fundamental pill was a seventh grade pill with simple refining process, but it requires strong mental power. And this pill can be taken by both humans and beasts. Last time, the Shui Qing Man was cured by this pill.

Since there were medicinal ingredients here, she could refine them and take them with her. Anyone who was seriously injured in the future could use it.

Are you going to refine the fundamental pill? Han Miao Shuang saw the herbs she chose and understood what she was going to refine. This Fundamental pill is not so easy to refine. No, youre the seventh grade alchemist?!

Sima You Yue was frightened by her scream. Senior Sister, you scared me.

Its you who scared me! Han Miao Shuang refuted. You are actually a seventh grade alchemist?

At the beginning, the green lotus pill in the examination refinement was a sixth grade pill. They all thought that she would be a six grade alchemist at this age. Most of the other people who entered the inner court were over a hundred years old. But she didnt expect that she was a seven grade alchemist!

Seventh grade. How many alchemists have only reached seventh grade in their whole life, and she was only in her thirties!

Senior Sister, I am a seventh grade alchemist. You dont have to be so surprised. Sima You Yue said.

Isnt that surprising? In the past, we three always thought that our talent was the best, and Eldest Martial Brother had been the most powerful one here. However, he didnt enter the ranks of seventh grade until he was more than one hundred years old, and I didnt become a seven grade alchemist until I was more than one hundred and thirty years old while Xiao Xiao is more than one hundred fifty years old. Your talent

Han Miao Shuang felt deeply stimulated today. Compared with her, they were leaps away.

Su Xiao Xiao, who had just finished refining the pill, was attracted over by Han Miao Shuangs scream. When he learned that Sima You Yue was already a seventh grade alchemist, his agape mouth could almost hold a fist.

Jiang Jun Zhe just came out of his alchemy room when he heard the commotion on this side. His feet subconsciously brought him over.

Senior Sister, I also attained some good fortune to be promoted. Sima You Yue said.

Strictly speaking, she didnt really become a seven grade alchemist at the age of twenty or thirty because she spent a lot of time in the spirit pagoda. It seemed that she spent so many years outside, but the actual time is still a little more.

And she started under the guidance of Mo Sha. Mo Sha was also a famous alchemist in the three realms and was recognized by them.

Although her talent was pretty good, her experiences from three lives, in addition, the Secret Soul Art cultivation method allowed her spirit power to be stronger than others, which was very important to alchemy and array formations.

Without all this, she would not have achieved her present achievement at this age.

No matter what the reason is, the final result is that you have such achievements now. Han Miao Shuang said.

Thats right. Su Xiao Xiao endorsed this argument.

Have you refined the fundamental pill before? Jiang Jun Zhe asked.

Yes, three batches of herbs were used, and only one success. Sima You Yue answered, So I want to practice more and be more proficient.

Little Junior Brother, go and refine it. Well watch from aside. Su Xiao Xiao said.

Xiao Xiao, do you remember that you refined this pill ten times before you succeeded? Han Miao Shuang said.


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