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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 643

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When Han Miao Shuang heard that there was something to eat, her eyes glowed and immediately changed her words. Ive been refining for a day today. Its almost dawn now. Its better to have a rest and eat something. Ill have the strength to continue tomorrow.

The food she had today was so delicious, so she thought that a barbecue wouldnt be bad. Thinking of the barbecue, her mouth watered.

Sima You Yue looked at her greedy appearance and smiled. We cant make food in the courtyard.

No problem, I have a place! Han Miao Shuang secretly smiled.

Half an hour later, they arrived at a valley.

This place is pretty good. Sima You Yue observed the serene valley. Its a good place to eat unnoticed. Where are we?

This is the mountain behind the sect. Few people come here at ordinary times. I come here whenever I want to prepare something to eat. Han Miao Shuang said.

Why do you come here instead of where you live? Sima You Yue started to take out the tools for barbecue, which attracted Han Miao Shuangs eyes.

I use to make food in the courtyard, but after Xiao Xiao came, I rarely do so. You know, he has a habit of cleanliness. If I get it too dirty, he will be furious. Its like this morning. Han Miao Shuang said helplessly, Later, I often go out to eat. Sometimes when I want to make something, I couldnt find a place. After all, there are many students in the sect. So I found this place.

This is not far from the sect. Arent you afraid of being discovered by other students? Sima You Yue asked.

They wont! Otherwise, I wouldnt choose this place. Han Miao Shuang said confidently.

Is Senior Sister sure?

Of course.A little further up is the forbidden area of the sect, so few people usually come. All the people who came here are unusual. They dont dare tattletell about me about my eating here. Moreover,you dont tell others explicitly that you have been to the forbidden area? Han Miao Shuang said with a smile. Seeing Sima You Yue take out many kinds of meat and putting them aside, she was surprised and said, You Yue, how can you still have so much meat with you?

I used to spend a lot of time with my big brother and friends. I often like to make food. Sima You Yue chuckled.

Theyre so fortunate. Han Miao Shuang enviously said.

Because weve been together all the time, they can also cook, so I dont cook food every time. Sima You Yue explained.

How is their cooking?

Their skills are really good. But there are only a few people who are that good, while others are alright.

Next time, bring them over to play. Han Miao Shuang smilingly said.

Alright! Sima You Yue agreed quickly. It was a good thing Bei Gong and the rest met her.

Thats awesome! In the future, you can find them to make me food when you are not free. Han Miao Shuang clapped her hands. So its decided.

Sima You Yue felt that she had accidently sold them. Senior Sister, you like eating so much, cant you cook?

I can only barbecue. Han Miao Shuang said. Therefore, every time I catch a prey, I would come here to barbecue. Besides that, I dont know how to.

Then what about when you want to eat?

Go eat outside! I used to look for food everywhere. Later, Memory Restaurant opened. I often go there to eat! I also got their membership card. They can give a discount every time! Han Miao Shuang said happily, Little Junior Brother, have you ever eaten in the memory restaurant? If not, Ill take you next time.


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