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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 645

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Sima You You smiled, You go, I will definitely not charge you money!

Okay! Sima You Yue thought about it, took out some spirit fruit in front of them and said, Eat this first, the food will be done in a moment.

Alright! Little Junior Brother, your spirit fruit is quite fresh!

Han Miao Shuang happily picked up the fruit, and Little Seven said nothing and took the fruit directly.

She is a big sister, why do you call her Little Junior Brother? Little Seven asked while munching on the spirit fruit.

Sima You Yue moved her hands. Han Miao Shuang seemed to have forgotten to bite her spirit fruit.

Little Seven, what are you saying? I am a male. Sima You Yue laughed.

You are not, you are a girl, not like those stinky men. Little Seven said affirmatively, Those men stink, and the fragrance on your body must be from a female. Little Seven is not mistaken!

Little Junior Brother, youre really a female? Han Miao Shuang looked at her in astonishment.

Will you keep my secret? Or else, this food will be gone. Sima You Yue admitted her disguise.

Oh my God, youre really a female! The spirit fruit in Han Miao Shuangs hands dropped to the ground. She looked at Sima You Yue in disbelief. She blinked and quickly nodded, You rest assured, I wont reveal it.

How about Little Seven? Sima You Yue looked at Little Seven.

Will you always cook for me? Little Seven retorted.

Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows. This little fellow was threatening her!

I dont have that much time to get you food. Sima You Yue shrugged.

Just cook for me when you have time, Little Seven said.

Alright. Sima You Yue smiled. Since you promised me, dont go back on your words in the future!

Big brother. Little Seven called her.

What? Han Miao Shuang turned to look at Little Seven.

Thats settled! Sima You Yue understood her meaning. She was rest assured as she went to cook for them.

Sima You Yue soon made braised lions head for the two, and used a whole chicken make saliva chicken. Seeing that the two had not eaten enough, she also barbecued the remaining meat. When she saw two pairs of glossy eyes she made them beggars chicken, a large diving rabbit, and they were finally full.

Sima You Yue looked at the two with one hand propped on their stomach contentedly, while she looked helplessly in the direction of the forbidden area. It seems that the purpose of inviting Han Miao Shuang to dinner tonight was not achieved.

Big Brother wants to go to the forbidden area? Little Seven asked out loud while watching Sima You Yue who had been watching the forbidden area.


Big brother has been looking over there. Little Seven said, If Big brother wants to go, Little Seven can take you there.

You can take me? Isnt it the forbidden area so no one can go in? Sima You Yue asked .

Tsk, who says no one can go in, I saw so many people went in! Little Seven muttered.

You saw someone go in? Han Miao Shuang said in surprise.

Yes, many people, often several waves a night! Little Seven said casually.

How does Little Seven know?

Because I often watch from here! Little Seven answered. But recently, there arent that many people.

How did Little Seven see them?

I often come here to find food, so I often see them. Little Seven said.

Then do you know who are the people that went in?

I dont know. They went in and didnt come out. Some came out and some dont come out. Little Seven said, But I dont care who goes in. But if big brother wants to go in, I can help you.


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