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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 644

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Sima You Yue placed the things in her hand down. She stared into the distance. Whos lurking there?

She and Han Miao Shuang did not act rashly, because they sensed that the strength of the other party was even higher than them.

They waited for a while. There was no movement, but they did not dare let down their guard, because they did not see that person leave.

Sima You Yues eyes moved and stopped looking over there. She told to Han Miao Shuang, Senior Sister, its time for the barbecue to be seasoned.

Ah? Oh. Han Miao Shuang gave the barbecue meat to Sima You Yue. She picked up the seasoning and brushed the meat with them. The fragrance spread all over the valley.

After barbecuing for a while, Sima You Yue put the barbecued meat on a plate. Here you are, Senior Sister.

Han Miao Shuang brought the plate to one side to eat. Sima You Yue was not in a hurry to continue barbecuing. She took out a jar of fruit wine and threw it to Han Miao Shuang.

Han Miao Shuang opened the seal and the fragrance of fruit wine wifted across her.

Wow, very fragrant! Han Miao Shuang took a sip from the fruit wine jar and sighed with satisfaction, Little, how can you have that memory restaurant fruit wine that they dont sell?

Because I brew it! Sima You Yue took out a processed chicken and placed it in a pot. She added in water and covered the pot. Then she lit a fire at the bottom.

Han Miao Shuang wanted to ask more, butSima You Yue gave her a look, and she swallowed her words back.Instead she remarked, Little Junior Brother, good wine really complements with barbecue. Can you barbecue me some more?

I wont barbecue anymore tonight. After you ate these skewers, there wont be more. Sima You Yue said.

I also want to eat! As soon as her voice fell, a tender voice came from the shadow. Immediately, a small silhouette rushed over, sat beside Han Miao Shuang and snatched her plate.

Han Miao Shuang stared at the little girl next to her and was stunned.

Who are you? Sima You Yue didnt expect a little girl was hiding over there. When she saw her wolfing them down like she hadnt eaten for hundreds of years, her heart soften. Slow down, or youll get burned.


The little girl ignored her, kept bowed her head and ate the barbecue meat. She didnt feel that the barbecue was hot at all. Until she finished eating, she looked up at Sima You Yue with expectant eyes.

No more. Sima You Yue understood her gaze. She pointed at the raw meat. If you want to eat, you still have to barbecue it first.

You barbecue. The little girl bared her teeth. Or Ill eat you!

You want to eat me? Then no one else can barbecue for you. Sima You Yue retorted.

Then I wont eat you. You barbecue. The little girl removed her fierce look, transforming into a lovely doll.

But I dont know you at all. Why do I have to barbecue for you? Sima You Yue teased her.

The little girl thought with her head askew. She suddenly took out a forearm sized stalk. She handed it to her. I will use this carrot in exchange. Is that alright?

Thats a carrot? Sima You Yue raised the corner of her mouth. It was obviously a crystal ginseng from thousands of years!

I dont know what this is. It looked like a carrot. So I called it a carrot. The little girl said. At that time, many people wanted it. What about it, Ill use this to exchange! Barbecue for me.

When Sima You Yue saw her innocent eyes,she felt she shouldnt have teased her.


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