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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 647

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Sima You Yue didnt know of their secret conversation. She took Little Seven downstairs to find Su Xiao Xiao. She told him she wanted to prepare a room beside hers for Little Seven. She asked him where to move the things inside. Su Xiao Xiao immediately volunteered to clean the room.

Seeing him taking the initiative, Sima You Yue agreed for him to come. While Little Seven munched on snacks at the door, she watched the two of them cleaned the room for her.

After the room was prepared, Jiang Jun Zhe had woken up. Towards extra little doll, he only lightly said, Dont cause a disturbance in the courtyard while Im sleeping.

Stinky. Little Seven turned away from him.

Jiang Jun Zhe raised the corner of his lips. He wasnt going to argue with the little doll. He turned away and headed to the alchemy room.

Sima You Yue laughed in the room. This little fellow was disgusted with male, describing all men as stinky.

She decorated the room pink, and even the bed spread was also in pink. When Little Seven saw this, the corners of her mouth curled up when she wasnt paying attention.

She beckoned Little Seven over in which she went over and wiped the clean sheets with her oily hands. She grinned at her masterpiece.

Sima You Yue shook her head. You dont like this color?

Little Seven nodded.

What colour do you like?

Little Seven pointed at her clothes which was azure in color.

Sima You Yue rubbed her head. She changed all the pink things. The sheet and bedspread were changed to azure. Little Seven finally smile happily.

After cleaning up, Sima You Yue sat on the bed, pulled Little Seven beside her, and said, Little Seven, you should be obedient in the courtyard at normal times. Senior brothers and sister are used to being quiet. We cant quarrel with them, OK?

Little Seven nodded.

Theres an array at the entrance of the courtyard. Ill teach you how to leave in a moment. After that, you dont need to have someone take you. I know you often stay outside for several days. Take this. If you cant come back, you have to tell me, alright?

She placed a son-mother stone in Little Sevens hand.

Little Seven was unsure of the purpose of the son-mother stone. Sima You Yue taught her patiently.

Do you know how to find me? Sima You Yue asked.

Little Seven happily nodded. She stored the son-mother stone in her space. Sima You Yue didnt see any interspatial ring on her hand. She must have other spatial containers.

Little Seven, im going to refine pills. You obediently stay and play in the courtyard. Sima You Yue placed more food on the table.

Alright. Little Seven become obediently after seeing the food. Wine.

Children shouldnt drink too much wine.

As she said this, she took out several jars of wine. Then she went to refine pills.

While Little Seven sat in the room eating food, Xu Jin strutted inside. Little Seven glanced at him and continued eating.

Little Yue Yue treats you so well. I havent eaten any of these! Xu Jin strolled over and picked up the snacks on the table. Old fellow, what are you doing following my treasure disciple.

Try and call me old fellow again. Little Seven grinned, revealing her two little tiger fangs.

Even if you wear a little dolls clothes, it cant hide your spirit thats advanced in age! Xu Jin wouldnt be frightened by her. He mercilessly exposed her weakness.

Little Yue Yue thinks that I am only a child! Little Seven wouldnt argue with him.

You deceived people that youre a child. Be careful I might expose you! Xu Jin cruelly said.

Ive always been like this. Little Seven shrugged expressing no care.

When you arrive in the sect in such grandeur, arent you afraid of being eaten by others? A lot of people have came recently. Xu Jin leaned on the chair and took a bite on the spirit fruit.

That depends if they have ability. Little Seven sneered.

Right, no one who bothered you has survived. You can finish them off with one bite. Xu Jin wasnt worried about that guy at all.

Little Seven rolled her eyes. She threw a snowy white meat to Xu Jin. It appeared a little like lingzhi.

Yue Yue wants this. Little Seven said.


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