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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 648

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Sima You Yues shocked appearance was rare. But presently, she was completely stunned.

What are you waiting for? Isnt that what you want? Xu Jin asked.

Master, where did you get this thing? Is it real? Sima You Yue held the earths eye. She wasnt able to respond for a while.

Wasnt earths eye the treasure of the sect? Werent a lot of people eying it? Wasnt it said to be hard to obtain?!!

Why did she obtain it so easily? Could this be fake? Could Xu Jin be bluffing her?

Seeing Sima You Yues suspicious gaze, Xu Jin frowned. This little guy didnt believe him?!

Of course the things I give you are real! Xu Jin saw that Sima You Yue didnt believe him. Sima You Yue also looked at him with innocent eyes. He wanted to kick her.

After Sima You Yue heard him, she happily stored away the earths eye.

Master, where did you get this thing? Sima You Yue smilingly looked at Xu Jin. The only thing that was lacking at the moment was a lackey to massage his legs and shoulder.

Someone sent it. Xu Jin answered.

Who sent it? Sima You Yue asked. Such valuable things are not sent by ordinary people? How should I thank that person?

Whats there to thank ? That fellow was willing. Xu Jin said.

That isnt very nice, is it? After all, its also an important person? How can we just take other peoples things like this?

Theres no need to worry. Xu Jin impatiently spoke.

Then alright. Sima You Yue smiled.

Alright, you can go. Xu Jin urged her.

Master. Sima You Yue did not move from her original position.

Is there something else?

Master, do you know Little Sevens identity? Sima You Yue hesitated before asking.


Little Seven looks like a little girl of several years old, but her strength is more powerful than mine. I once suspected that she was a transfiguration beast, but I didnt feel the spirit beasts breath on her. Since shes a student in the sect, I think the master should know. Sima You Yue said

Mm, I do know. Xu Jin replied.

Then which faction is she in? How can she often wander in the mountains? Why does she have such high cultivation?

Dont worry about her identity, just stay with her. In time youllknow. By the way, that little fellow is always hungry. Give her more food, and dont worry about stuffing her to death, Xu Jin said. Well, you can go.

Oh. alright. She went back. Although Xu Jin didnt say Little Sevens identity, he said it was alright. That meant it was alright.

Although Little Seven was pleasant, she speculated about her identity. Previously, if not for this, she would have looked for a day when her disposition was better. Now Xu Jin said there was no problem, she could forgo this step.

When she recalled Little Seven, she was also reminded about Little Tu. Both of them were gifted children. When she saw Little Seven, she would think of Little Tu from time to time. This was a reason why she liked Little Seven.

When she returned to the room, Little Seven had finished eating the food on the table. She looked at her eagerly.

You ate it all again. You ate more than my Little Dream. Sima You Yue couldnt help but sigh.

Who is Little Dream? Little Seven curiously asked.

Someone who could eat like her?

My contract beast. Sima You Yue answered. She resembles you, like a little doll.


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