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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 649

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All the people in the courtyard stared at Sima You Yue. The faces of some of the members in Thunderbolt Team turned sour at the sight of her and some were confused. On the other hand, Fatty Qu and her friends were excited to see her joined them.

You Yue, youre here! Fatty Qu exclaimed as he K.O. his opponent that he was currently fighting and smiled at Sima You Yue.

So you are Sima You Yue? A stiff faced man in black clothes, who previously simply watched the fight, coldly asked Sima You Yue.

Who are you? Sima You Yue asked as she walked over and kicked the person lying on the ground who blocked her way..

Bian Le Zheng Bian Le Zheng answered with his arms folded, staring at Sima You Yue. His gaze was extremely cold.

Who is Bian Le Zheng? Sima You Yue looked at Bei Gong Tang.

One of the deputy heads of the Thunderbolt Team, ranking No.100 on the billboard, Bei Gong Tang said.

Oh, so he is one of the deputy heads! Sima You Yue nodded sarcastically. Never heard of it. But looking at you, you do not look much different from those people of your team. I wonder how are the people, who were taken captive two days ago, doing?

When she saw Xue Rong and Ma Bo Jian, she stepped forward to salute, smiling, Why are you here?

I heard that those people from the Thunderbolt Teams people came. I was afraid that they are causing trouble for your friends, so I came to check. I didnt expect that they really did attacked, Xue Rong said.

Whats going on? Sima You Yue looked at the people lying on the ground.

They came to us to cause trouble. They wanted us to submit to their group, but if we dont, they will force us to join them, Wei Zi Qi said.

They asked you all to join them? Sima You Yue was shocked by such a question. Then, she turned to look at Bian Le Zheng, Did all your heads get damaged?

You Yue, they wanted us to join their group, so then, they can get their team members to beat us up, Fatty Qu said. They said it themselves.

There is a team that force others to join? Sima You Yue joked, looking at the people of the Thunderbolt Team.

The Thunderbolt Team is the first big group. It is your honor for us to allow you all to join our group. However, you guys hesitate to do something until forced to do even more and yall even dare to hurt my people. Considering todays matter, how should we resolve this? Bian Le Zheng stared at her.

How else can you solve it, just get out of sight quickly, or else we will beat you all to leave! Sima You Yue said.

Who are you to even dare to order us like this? The members of the Thunderbolt Team crawled back up and pointed at Sima You Yue.

Im not ordering you all, but asking to leave. So what? You dont want to leave by yourselves but to be beaten to leave by us? Bei Gong Tang answered back.

If you guys do not join our group, it will be hard for you guys to get a foothold in the inner sect. You guys offended us, except us, what other groups would want you guys? If it wasnt that we saw you guys are professionals, do you really think you guys could still be here? a man said. Today, we are giving you guys a huge chance by inviting you guys into our group!

There is no need for this opportunity! Ma Bo Jian shouted. Today, we are here, because we have something we need to do. Brother You Yue, would your friends like to join our team?

Join your team?

Yes, Xue Rong affirmed. We want to ask you guys if you guys would like to join our Cliff Mountain Team?

Xue Rong, are you and your Cliff Mountain Team ready to go against us? Bian Le Zheng staring at Xue Rong.

So what if we do? Xue Rong said indifferently. Do you think that our Cliff Mountain Team is afraid of you?

When you guys encounter us, the Thunderbolt Team, which time wasnt you beaten down? You still want to fight us?! You are indeed imagining the wildest thing! The people of the Thunderbolt Team laughed.


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