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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 652

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At her words, the whole square quieted down before the people present began to shout.

The new student who had been here for a few days was challenging Thunderbolt Teams leader to fight. This news was too major to them.

How about it. Do you dare to fight? Sima You Yue lifted her chin at Liu Ming Yuan.

Liu Ming Yuan looked at Sima You Yue. Unexpectedly, he was provoked by a younger generation. If he doesnt take her challenge today, how can he boss others in the inner sect?

He snorted, Your guts arent small to dare to challenge me.

Thanks for you compliment. I never been timid. Sima You Yue said. How about it, do you dare to fight?

How would I not dare. There are so many people here. Theyre perfect for witnesses. If you win, our Thunderbolt Team will never find trouble with you again. If you lose, today you better obediently leave with us. Also, make sure Xu Jin doesnt find trouble with us!

Its a deal! Sima You Yue said.

Lets go to the arena. As soon as Liu Ming Yuan left, the people of Thunderbolt Team went with him.

Sima You Yue took Little Seven and followed them to the arena.

The people in the square were all sensational. How many years had it not happened for a new student to challenge a senior student? They didnt expect to witness them today.

Go, lets go see the bustle.

Hehe, Ill go inform everyone in the cultivation pagoda. Wait for me!

Then get going. Dont be late.

Where do you think this new student gets his guts to challenge Liu Ming Yuan.

Dont underestimate this kid. He castrated Hong Fas disciple before she came to the sect, and then beat up all the people who were going to catch him. I think she must have trained him body.

Such an arrogant freshman?

Isnt it so!

Hmph, does she think shes invincible after fighting several people in the inner sect? She dares to challenge senior students. It wont do if she isnt beaten up severely!

Hehe, if she lost, it wont only be a beating. She also have a deal with Liu Ming Yuan.

Go, go, go, lets go see

In the cultivation pagoda, many people stopped cultivating when they heard Sima You Yue was challenging Liu Ming Yuan. They went to the arena to watch the bustle. In the rooms on the third floor, some people were disturbed by the movements below. They thought that they had been practicing for so long, so they also came out together.

In Sima You Ming and their courtyard, Tuoba Yaner had hurried back. She interrupted Bei Gong Tang and Wei Zi Qi who was conversing. You guys better go the arena. You Yue is challenging Liu Ming Yuan!

Bei Gong Tang and Wei Zi Qi were not as worry as Tuoba Yaner. Rather, they looked at her calmly and asked, You Yue is challenging someone? She only left here a while ago and this happened?

Dont worry. She wont do anything that shes not confident in. call them up. Were going to see.


Wei Zi Qi went in to inform others. They heard that Sima You Yue was going to duel with Liu Ming Yuan. No one was worried about her, but they were all very interested.

You Yue vs.Thunderbolt leader?

It seems shes using this one chance to resolve this matter.


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