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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 653

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Liu Ming Yuan saw a small hand holding his fist. He looked up to see her smiling eyes.

“I’ll give it back to you. You’d better understand your opponent before you make a decision next time. I’m not a normal spirit master. In addition to spirit master, I also trained my body. Since you meet me today, you’ll lose!” Sima You Yue said with a smile, then Liu Ming Yuan’s hand was turned over when she exerted strength.

Then with a wave of her right hand, she punched him and knocked him down. She immediately followed, but the opponent’s movement was not slow. Although he was punched, he still turned over quickly, dodged Sima You Yue’s kick, and stood up at the same time.

Once again, they stood facing opposite of each other.

He wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth and looked at Sima You Yue warily. He didn’t expect himself to fail miserably in this round. The other party not only has the same strength as himself, but also trained their body, and was better than himself. His advantages were useless in front of her.

The audience were shocked at the results. She actually injured Liu Ming Yuan?

The views of the many people were changed. In their view, she was not a freshman but a strong opponent.

“Humph——Little Qu, come out!”

Liu Ming Yuan coldly snorted. He placed Sima You Yue at equal levels. He wasn’t going to expose his weakness. Since his spirit power and physical strength weren’t able to quickly take her down, he was going to summon his companion!

“Hiss hiss——”

A huge python appeared in the arena and almost occupied the whole arena. The pail-thicked body of stood beside Liu Ming Yuan. It was very suitable pair of one person and one beast.

A third rank sacred beast was a rare contract beast among normal people.

You think you’re the only to have a sacred beast!” Seeing Liu Ming Yuan’s prideful demeanor, Fatty Qu scornfully said.

Tang Yan glanced at Fatty Qu. Although he didn’t know Fatty, he knew Sima You Ran. It seemed these people were with her!

“Halcyon, come out and play with the little snake.” After Sima You Yue finished, Halcyon appeared in everyone’s sight.

After Halcyon appeared, the python on the opposite side immediately shrank in fear.

“Halcyon, be careful to not play him to death.” Sima You Yue said.

Halcyon flapped its wings. It grabbed the python and took into the sky.

Liu Ming Yuan was dazed when he saw his python was captured.

“Captain Liu, it’s fatal to be dazed.” Sima You Yue kindly reminded. “You better reveal all your other tricks you have kept in your sleeves. Otherwise, you can’t say you didn’t do your best at the time!”

Liu Ming Yuan was choked by Sima You Yue’s words. His heart was vexed, and he called out another sacred beast.His family quietly asked him to make a contract with it when he last went home. No one else knew about it. He was preparing to enter the top 30 position during the three conventions.

He didn’t expect himself to expose it in advance today.

Compared with this exposure, it was more unbearable for him to be defeated by a freshman.

“This Liu Ming Yuan actually has two sacred beasts. He hid so deeply!” Tang Yan commented while continued to fan himself.

“It seems he prepared it for the three conventions.” Mo Bin started.

I wonder what she will do. It’s not easy to deal with Liu Ming Yuan and his sacred beast.” Tang Yan remarked.

“She hasn’t panicked.” Mo Bin believed she had her method.


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