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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 660

Misty Cloud TranslationsMisty Cloud Translations

Sima You Yue felt she had been walking on a little road for a long time, as if the road never had an end. She didnt know where it was taking her.

A blank space appeared in front of the road. The road stretched into the whit mist. She felt the white mist was warm, so she entered.

Suddenly, Mo Sha appeared on the side of the road. He looked at her angrily.

Where are you going?

Sima You Yue felt guilty from his glare. She chuckled, I dont know where Im going, but this road is endless.

Mo Sha pointed at the white mist in front. If you go further, youll never be able to come back. Youll be forever lost in it.

Sima You Yue was startled. She retreated and patted her chest. Oh! So scary! Fortunately, you appeared.

Come with me. Mo Sha glared at her and held out a hand to her.

Sima You Yue glanced at him. She suddenly smiled, Mo Sha, do you like me?

Mo Sha was stiffened at her words. He murmured, What are rambling about. Hurry up and give me your hand.

Sima You Yue already knew that this was not the real world. Mo Sha was also mostly illusionary. So she wasnt afraid of him at the moment. She continued with a smile, Am I speaking nonsense? If so, why do you always show up everytime Im in danger?

Youre my contract master. Mo Sha said coldly.

But in your eyes, youre worried about me not because Im your contract master. Sima You Yue poked his face.

No resistance, it really wasnt him.

Mo Sha stared at her. When he wanted to shout at her again, he heard her murmur, I only dare to say those in my dreams. But in fact, I also like you a little. I have been with you when I was reborn again. You stayed with me and taught me to be strong. Although you have a bad temper and would always yell at me, I know you care about me. I believe in you, but Im also afraid that things in my previous life would repeat and you will hurt my family. I cant bear to be betrayed by a loved one again; I have confirmed it again and again in the devil world. But you surprised me, you swore. Doesnt that mean you care about me?

Mo Sha didnt like hearing these thoughts. But when he heard her being betrayed by loved one, his heart hurt. He didnt like her being distressed; he didnt like it.

I wont betray you. He said.

Mm, Ill trust fates arrangement again. Sima You Yue earnesty nodded. But you cant be fierce with me, alright? You cant bully me because youre stronger than me. After we dissolve the contract, if you become the demon king, you cant become someone I dont know, alright?

Mo Sha looked at her with a complex expression, but finally nodded.

You actually nodded. It seems you really are a figment of my imagination. Not real. Sima You Yue sighed.

Mo Sha was rarely gentle. When he heard her words, his expression turned dark. Am I that fierce in your heart?

Arent you always bullying me? Hmph, every time, you bully me with your strength. Fortunately, youre not my boyfriend. If my boyfriend dares to do that, I will directly go find his grandma!

Boyfriend? What kind of thing is that?

Its two parties confirming a love relationship but havent gotten married. In the world I used to live in, before marriage, people associate with each other for some time. If they feel that things between them are agreeable, they get married. If not, they break up and say goodbye to each other and each will go their own way.


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