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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 663

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Ah ah ah, let go of me. There are so many people here! Little Seven was lifted up by the collar by an old man with a white beard, with both arms flailing in the air.

Youve gotten real bold after our many years apart. You actually dared to leave the school. The elderly mans voice sounded younger than he appeared.

Let go of me, let go! Little Seven couldnt beat him, and could only glare at him with grief.

This wont work against me. Yuan Shao Jie used his other hand to knock Little Seven on the head, saying, Didnt I tell you before not to leave the school? What are you doing out here again?

Ive already gone through three round of transformation. Im powerful now! Little Seven huffed.

Thats not enough. Yuan Shao Jie held on to him, saying, Once I find that guy, youll come back with me.

No way. I want to be with him. Little Seven asserted.

Arent you afraid of getting captured? You should know that many people have set their sights on you. Yuan Shao Jie was amused at her tiny firm gaze.

Not at all. Ive been here for so long that even the pebbles would recognise me. I want to follow him. Little Seven said.

Youre so certain of yourself? Yuan Shao Jie raised his eyebrows with surprise.

She feels that shell be able to go through her fourth transformation if she sticks close to You Yue. Xu Jin explained it to Yuan Shao Jie.

Oh? Yuan Shao Jie placed Little Seven down and said, You want to follow him, but he cant guarantee your safety.

I want to try even if its dangerous. Little Seven replied.

Ill leave it to you then. Yuan Shao Jia really placed Little Seven down really quickly. So quickly that even Little Seven was stunned.

Xu Jin and her blinked their eyes with confusion. He agreed so easily?

Xu Jins gaze told her that he didnt understand it either before followed Yuan Shao Jie into a house.

Little Seven remained standing in the courtyard, highly suspicious of Yuan Shao Jies approval. However, she was filled with more joy than suspicion. This meant that she wouldnt have to remain cooped up in the sect anymore!

Xi Jin wasnt worried about this, but when he entered the house, he still wanted to ask Yuan Shao Jie for his reason why.

Why did you agree to her request?

When I went out this time, I saw that the world outside has changed. Many people plot against her, but shes not that weak now, either. However, looking at it objectively, shes not strong enough. If shes able to go through her fourth transformation, shell be much safer.

Xu Jin stopped walking. Did the outside world truly become that chaotic?

The both of them entered Sima You Yues courtyard as Han Miao Shuang stood up to greet them with a bow.

Principal, Master.

Sima You Yue guessed as well that the one who just entered was the principal. However, she had assumed that he would look similar to Old Man Devil. Who would have expected him to look like an old man with a head full of white hair.

As if guessing her confusion from her expression, Yuan Shao Jie smiled, saying, I look more like a principal this way.


A new world had truly opened up for her.

Greetings, Principal. She nodded towards the courtyard.

The two guys have spoken so well about you, so I doubt that theyre just exaggerating. Yuan Shao Jie said, Thats why you have to improve quickly. I have many things I need you to do.



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