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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 664

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Sima You Yue took a few days to tend to her wounds, and with the help of the soul fluid, managed to heal up quite a bit. She no longer needed to be forced into bed rest.

She just couldnt get it. It was clear that only her soul was injured, so why did each and every single one of them stop her from getting off the bed and insist that she had to stay there?

After thinking about how she had lain in bed for such a long time, she couldnt stop huffing about one thing- this was completely illogical!

After a week had gone by, she was finally allowed off the bed. She really felt that if she had laid there any longer, she would have gone crazy.

Today, with Ximen Fengs support, she was finally allowed out of the room as she walked into the courtyard.

Air on the outsider is truly so much fresher. She took a deep breath as she sighed with contentment.

*Look at you, you complained that we wouldnt let you out, but youre already huffing and puffing after taking a few steps. I wanted you to stay in bed for two more days but you refused. Ximen Feng complained.

Dear Feng, if I continued to lie in bed any longer, mold would have grown on my body, okay? Sima You Yue sat on a fancy chair in the courtyard while Ximen Feng sat on the floor beside her.

Can mold grow on a human body? Youre not some sort of weird creature, okay? Ximen Feng helplessly covered her with a blanket.

Because her soul had gotten injured, she was always afraid of the cold. This was why Ximen Feng specially prepared a blanket for her.

Oh right, have you seen Xiang Yi recently? Sima You Yue asked.

Ximen Fengs hand shook subtly as he said in a low voice, She had to leave for something.

Is it because of the ambush that happened the last time? Sima You Yue asked as she narrowed her eyes.

Ximen Feng pondered for a moment, but he still decided to answer her honestly, Yes.

Judging by her reaction, Im guessing she knows who did it?


Oh? She went even though she knows who did it? Sima You Yue cuddled inside her blanket, Were not people who are easy to bully.If Im irritated, I can just get Little Roc to lead the bird clans over to pressure them. Well definitely leave a hair behind.

Ximen Feng glared at her speechlessly, Youve really grown here, havent you.

Isnt it precisely because I have, that I dont want to let them off easily? Sima You Yue thought of how she had almost lost her younger brother, and how Dear Feng had almost lost her. It filled her with unadulterated rage and she almost couldnt stop herself from killing them off.

Relax, I wont let them off. Ximen Feng said through gritted teeth.

Dear Feng, have you ever thought of setting up a faction yourself? Sima you yue suddenly suggested.

Setting up a faction?

Yeah! Although the Kong Valley rescued you, you didnt join under them. So, youre not one of their Kong valleymen. Sima You Yue explained, Furthermore, we have more than just one or two enemies. We cant just defeat them on our own strength.

Youre right.


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