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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 669

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Sima You Yue immediately grabbed Shui Qing Man, who had run over to her, and said with puzzlement, Mother, what are you doing here?

I heard that you were unconscious because of your injuries, so I came over. How are you doing? Shui Qing Man released Sima You Yue and looked her once over.

Im okay, Im almost completely healed. Sima You Yue knew that she was checking her out, Mother, its not yet time for you to come and get your medication. How did you find out that I got injured?

Because something happened, so I sent some people over to find you. After that, they told me that you were injured when they returned.

But what happened to our clan? Did we fight with another clan? Sima You Yue asked with care.

Indeed. Shui Qing Man said.

You Yue, since they came to visit you, why dont you head inside the house to continue the talk? Sima Lie reminded her.

Shui Qing Man smiled at Sima Lie, You must be You Yues grandfather? I am her adopted mother. Based on seniority, I should call you uncle.

Wu La Xiu and the others who were standing behind them pursed their lips. Why did their mother just pull their statuses down like that?

He came in front of Sima You Yue and said, Whats going on with you? When the one who reported came back to us, he told us that you were gravely injured, giving us a huge scare. At that time, Mother said that she wanted to come here immediately, but things were too dire back then and we couldnt make it.

It was rather serious back then, but Im already better now. Sima You Yue said, Did you fight with others? If so, then what are you doing here?

With father and eldest and second brother around, it will be fine. Anyway, were locked in a stalemate so itll be fine for us to step out for a moment. Wu La Er said.

Eldest Bro and the others said that if it were not for the fact that they were caught up in battle, they would have come to look for you as well. Wu La Xiu said.

Lets go. We can talk inside. Sima You Yue spoke as she held on to Shui Qing Mans arm and led her inside the house. She introduced them along the way.

Child, tell me what happened back then. Who hurt you? Ill get your brothers to take revenge on your behalf! Shui Qing Man asked as she patted Sima You Yues hand.

Mother, nobody hurt me. I was merely careless and entered a chaotic world. Sima You Yue said a little sheepishly.

How did you end up entering the chaotic world? Dont mess with me. I want to know every single thing.

How do I explain this? Back then, when I was making a deal with Eldest Bro, I wanted the Black Sea cucumber because I wanted to use it to heal my younger brother. You know this, too. Sima You Yue said.

Yes, Ive heard your eldest brother mention it. Shui Qing Man said, What does this have to do with your injuries?

It didnt at first. Sima You Yue continued to explain, Dear Feng happened to end up in a wrong place and a strange power entered his body, which I sealed away later on. In the past, I was collecting medicinal ingredients because I wanted to exterminate that power in his body.

Since its been sealed away, it shouldnt be difficult to deal with it. How did it cause you to fall in such a dangerous situation?


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