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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 668

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She called out a single scarlet bee and said, Little Seven, can you take it with you in the future whenever you go out?

Take this little bee? Little Seven took the scarlet bee. She was predisposed towards this kind of spirit bees that could communicate information, and she took it and placed it in her hair.

When the scarlet bee held on to her hair and stopped moving, it looked like a hair decoration.

This is my bee. I have a contract with their Queen, and if you keep it with you, it will be able to notify me if you encounter any dangerous situation. Sima You Yue explained.

Little Seven was extremely touched. She knew that You Yue was really good to her and was truly afraid that she would end up in trouble. Although she guessed that her identity might bring her problems, she didnt ask her to leave. Instead, she had left a bee by her side.

She touched the bee in her hair and fully accepted her in her head. If you said that she was initially by her side only because of a secret motive, then now it was because of her loyalty.

Little Seven, you can stay in the courtyard and play. Dont go outside. Im a little tired and want to sleep for a bit. Sima You Yue felt a little weary and fell asleep immediately.

Little Seven knew that Sima You Yue slept a lot more ever since she got injured. This was because she got tired easily after being awake for a while.

After thinking for a moment, she climbed down from the bed and stood by the bedside. She bit her finger and let her fresh blood drip into Sima You Yues mouth.

One, two, three she dripped a total of nine drops inside her mouth until You Yue couldnt accept it anymore before she retracted her hand.

Inside her dream, You Yue felt as if she was trapped inside a cocoon and couldnt move. But suddenly, it was as if she had drunk a type of sweetfruit juice. It tasted delicious and she hurriedly gulped it down. It was so fragrant that her brain immediately became rather sharp. The cocoon that had trapped her was gone and she immediately broke out of it.

Little Seven sat on the stool and watched as Sima You Yue advanced in rank. She could sense that her mental state had improved by quite a bit and smiled with satisfaction.

Although Sima You Yue was in a deep sleep, the advance in rank caused her to wake up. She hurriedly sat up as she crossed both legs, entering a state of sultivation to advance in rank smoothly.

When she had finished advancing in rank, she opened her eyes and watched as Little Seven beamed at her from the small stool she sat on. She was confused by what she saw.

Did I just advance in rank?

Little Seven nodded.

It wasnt a dream?

Little Seven shook her head.

How did I advance in rank?

I dont know. You did it while you were sleeping. Little Seven said innocently.

She advanced in rank by sleeping?

Sima You Yue was really speechless. Could a person really advance in rank by sleeping? The answer was definitely no.

My mental state has improved a lot! She realised that her mental state was much better. She always felt tired before, but she felt really good now.

Of course, this was still a far cry from a complete recovery, but in comparison to her constant dazed state, this was definitely so much better!

She glanced at Little Roc. Did she have something to do with her advancement in rank? She would never believe that she could advance in rank just by sleeping!

She could smell a light scent coming from herself as she breathed. It was the same smell as the one she smelt in her dream. She guessed that Little Seven must have fed something to her that caused her to advance in rank.


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