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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 671

Misty Cloud TranslationsMisty Cloud Translations

Somewhere in the Ninth Star Sea, Third Mo was running for his life. Behind him, a few cuttlefish were attacking him with their tentacles.

One of their tentacles tried to sneak attack him on the side, but he managed to dodge it before being captured in one of them.

Lets see how you escape this time! The cuttlefish grabbed onto Third Mo, brandishing him in the water.

Release! Third Mo cried out as a long sword appeared, cutting the tentacle off.

That long sword was incomparably sharp, as it directly cut the tentacle off. Third Mos body shook as he escaped from the tentacle before grabbing on to the long sword.

Arghhh- The cuttlefish whose tentacle got cut off started thrashing in the water, other tentacles waving haphazardly about. It even hit some of the other cuttlefish nearby.

Third Mo continued to run up aimlessly along the shore. He would have more advantage if he managed to leave the waters. He was too vulnerable underwater.

Stop fighting amongst yourselves. Quickly, chase after the human, dont let him leave the water! A cuttlefish cried out, causing all the others to stop fighting and continuing to chase after Third Mo.

Third Mo was slow enough underwater, and even more so now that he was injured. The cuttlefish caught up to him quickly.

They surrounded him, saying, Brat, hand over that item, and well give you a quick and easy death!

Since the item has fallen into my hands already, how could I hand it over to you? Third Mo faced them with his sword in his hands, Youve already lost so many people, but you still dare to chase after me. Youre a bunch unafraid of death!

A few cuttlefish really did shrink back when they thought of their fallen clansmen. When Third Mo had stolen the item from their clan, not only did he not fall within their clan, he had even killed a few cuttlefish and managed to escape alive.

He was even badly injured back then.

Dont let him scare you! Hes grievously injured and not a match for us! A cuttlefish cried out.

We should take him back quickly. This place isnt too far from the violet water clan and the water dragon clan. Itll be troublesome if we meet them. Another cuttlefish reminded them.

Mm, if we work together, theres no way well fail!

Thats right! Hes at the end of his rope. Lets attack together!

Third Mo saw that they were not frightened by his threat, and released a wave to push them back before dashing up to shore. However, he had barely gone too metres before he was caught by a bad stench.

It was so smelly that he almost lost consciousness, but he also lost his strength and became weak. His movements because exponentially sluggish as a few cuttlefish surrounded him again.With their interlocked tentacles, they formed an inescapable net and surrounded him in the middle. Then, they spat out a kind of huge air bubble, stuffing him inside.

The moment Third Mo entered the bubble, a wave of smelly air assaulted him once again. It was even smellier than the one before him, and he almost vomited a few months worth of vomit.

He made himself stop breathing before he used all his strength to attack the bubble. However, no matter how he attacked it, the bubble would change shape but simply refused to pop.

The cuttlefish linked hands and surrounded him, laughing cockily.

So what if youve killed a lot of our clansmen? Didnt we still manage to capture you in the end? Ha ha ha, lets go! To the punishment hall!

Since you refuse to hand the item over, we can only bring you back to torture you slowly. Who cares how powerful you used to be? Once we reach our clan, just wait to be cut up into tiny pieces. Ha ha ha.

Third Mo felt as if he was going to faint from the smelly air. The air was also poisonous, as he felt his thoughts become increasingly muddled.


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