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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 672

: Denial

Third Mo was secretly very surprised, but he didnt reveal it on his face as he denied, You have the wrong person.

Wrong person? How could it be. You look exactly like the picture Tenth Bro gave us. How could we have the wrong person? Wu La Xiu didnt believe him.

I dont know anyone from your clan, furthermore, I dont even know which clan you belong to. How could I possibly be acquainted with your tenth prince? Third Mo still refused to admit his identity.

At the same moment, he was trying what kind of identity Shui Qing Man and the other had. The Queen and Prince of a clan was willing to step in personally to help him? They even knew who he was. Could it be that they had rescued him because they had an ulterior motive?

Wu La Er was familiar with this kind of situations during his time in the continent above, so he knew that Third Mo was unsure of who they were and would refuse to admit to his identity. As such, he explained, We are from the Violet Water Clan. Our tenth bro isnt actually from our clan, but is a human.

A human? Third Mo immediately starting thinking again. How could a human possibly become the prince of the Violet Water Clan? He had even given them his picture. What could his motive be?

You dont have to be suspicious of our motives. Shui Qing Man said, We were merely acting under Little Tenths request to help you out if you ever encountered any trouble during your time underwater. We have no ill intent.

Thank you very much for the Queens care. However, you truly have the wrong person. I am not who you think I am. Third Mo was adamant.

This time, he had come to the Ninth Star Ocean very secretly. There were very few who knew about this, especially so for someone from the Violet Water Clan.

Although he was very grateful for their assistance, the mission he was on this time was too big. He couldnt put himself in danger.

Little Tenth is Sima You Yue. Shui Qing Man said with a smile, satisfied when she saw Third Mos shocked expression.

You Yue? Third Mo was truly stunned. How did he not know that Sima You Yue had become the tenth prince of the Violet Water Clan?

Based on your expression, you should know our tenth bro, right? Wu La Xiu said, Tenth Bro said that we were to help out a person called Third Mo if we ever saw him. Now tell us, are you Third Mo?

Third Mo was truly embarrassed as he bowed to Shui Qing Man in greeting, I had no choice but to keep my identity a secret before knowing who you were. I am truly sorry.

Little Tenth told us that you might not admit to your identity if we met you, but that you would understand once we said your name. Shui Qing Man said.

Thank you very much for rescuing me. Third Mo expressed his gratitude once again.

What are you thanking us for! As Tenth Bros friend, you are naturally a friend of the Violet Water Clan. Wu La Xiu said, Youre pretty talented arent you? You dont have a bit of human aura at all. If it were not because you looked so much like the picture You Yue gave us, we wouldnt have cared at all!

Alright, Ninth Bro, dont delay him anymore. Wu La Er said, Hes badly injured. We should head to the palace first.

Thats right. We can talk back at the palace. Wu La Xiu said.

You can eat this pill before we go. Shui Qing Man took out a pill bottle, You Yue refined these pills for our clan to eat in order to heal our injuries.

Third Mo took the pill and it truly was one that humans could eat. He swallowed it without hesitation.

Once the pill landed in his stomach, his internal organs which felt like they were on fire were immediately calmed by a cool wave. He felt a lot more comfortable.

Youre really lucky. Little Tenth always told us to carry this pill along just in case. If not for it, you would be hard pressed to heal. Shui Qing Man said.


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