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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 673

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You dont need to worry too much. They have more people than us, but we have medical pills. Each pill is equivalent to half a person! So, we dont necessarily have fewer people than them. Shui Qing Man comforted.

Thats true. Wu La Li said. I just took a glance. Im afraid there are thousands of pills. How did she know that we need so many pills? Wu La Li puzzledly said.

She doesnt know. Shui Qing Man rubbed Wu La Lis hands. We only told her when we met. Afterwards, she asked us to wait for ten days. She went to the sect to find people for help.

I heard from Dear Lu and them that humans valued these pill recipes, and You Yue said that not many people know this recipe. If she asked people to help her refine this pill, then this pill recipe would be exposed. Wu La Li said.

True, You Yue is a good child. We wont suffer from adopting such a daughter. Shui Qing Man added.

I know, youve said it several times already. Our Violet Water Clan wont mistreat you. Well have to rely on her in the underwater world in the future. Wu La Lai smiled at Shui Qing Man.

Mm, we really need to let those people know what kind of race we are. Shui Qing Man said.

These water dragons participated in our battle with the eel clan in order to suppress us and become the leader of all water dragons. No matter how high these water dragons jump, they will never be real dragons! Wu La Li snorted.

Sigh, if the divine dragon was still here, how would the dragon race have so many problems. Shui Qing Man sighed.

Divine Dragon? Thats already a distant thing. Wu La Li said. I dont know what happened that year for the divine dragon, divine bird, divine turtle, divine tiger to all suddenly disappear.

Since ancient times,the Azure Dragon of the West, the White Tiger of the East, the Black Tortoise of the North and the Vermillion Bird of the South managed all the spirit beasts and the beast clans. Everything was peaceful and all had been safe and sound. But unbeknownst when did the Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon and White Tiger disappeared from the continent, and the world of spirit beast world gradually turned chaotic.

I dont know if the Divine Dragon can return one day

On one side, the Chancellor held the pills and did not find someone to send them over, instead delivered them in person.

Wu La Li was discussing a matter with Wu La Lu. A group of Violet Water Clan guards were on standby.

First Highness, First Highness. The Chancellor paid his respects.

Chancellor, why are you here? Wu La Li asked.

The Queen has returned from the continent and brought back a lot of pills. The King ordered me to send some over. the Chancellor answered.

Imperial mother and the others have returned? How is Tenth Brothers situation? Wu La Lu asked.

He is fine. The Chancellor answered.

How many pills did they bring along with them? Wu La Li asked.

I have less than half here. I think there should be thousands of them. The Chancellor replied.

These pills came just in time right before the previous stock ran out. Wu La Li smiled.

Wasnt she going to visit a patient, why did she have so many pills for us? Wu La Lu said.

This.. subject doesnt know. The Chancellor answered.

Give me the pills. Then go back and asked Little Ninth and them about Little Tenths situation. Wu La Lu commanded.

Yes, First Highness.

The Chancellor does not need to go back to ask. Wu La Li saw Wu La Xiu and Wu La Er swimming over.

Then Chancellor can retreat. Wu La Lu waved his sleeves.

Yes. the Chancellor left. He met with Wu La Xiu and them and paid his respected before returning to the palace.


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