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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Come Back to Me

After Madelyn spoke, Benjamin was silent for a long while.

They could hear the soft breathing of each other. Gradually, Benjamin's breathing grew heavier.

However, he said indifferently, "Okay."

He asked her to meet him in a French restaurant in the evening, but Madelyn refused and said in a low voice, "Let's have a talk in your office."

Benjamin didn't say a word. Evidently, he didn't like the idea.

As Madelyn was asking for his help, she gave in. "Okay."


After hanging up the phone, Madelyn fell into deep thought.

She was forced to get in touch with Benjamin. She was well aware that he wouldn't help her if she didn't give him anything. Perhaps he had laid the trap for her long ago.

Benjamin was not someone she could beat...

Disturbed with the prospect of meeting him in the evening, Madelyn was absent-minded the whole day.

Nicolas came in with the financial statements in high spirits. He tossed the report at her desk and said, "That guy you newly recruited is amazing. Dominic is competent, and his salary is not high. I didn't know you have the potential of being a capitalist."

Madelyn read the financial statements with an indifferent expression.

Nicolas sat on her desk and looked at her carefully. "You're not happy with the big profits? Why are you so difficult? Do you lack love? Shall I satisfy you? I promise you will get addicted to me and forget about Benjamin right away."

Madelyn closed the report and said, "One thousand dollars will be deducted from your salary this month."

Nicolas roared, "Why?"

"You disturbed your boss."

"Damn it. Many girls want me to disturb them, but I don't bother to do that."


Madelyn ignored him. She asked him for a cigarette and lit it, putting it on the table and staring at the burning cigarette.

Nicolas knew something was disturbing her.

"Why do you inhale secondhand smoke?"

"What's troubling you? Why not make love with me? You'll forget about all your problems."


Madelyn asked him to get out.

Nicolas was angry and aggrieved. "I'm worried about you. Don't be ungrateful."

Madelyn looked at him calmly. "I heard that you went to a party last night and stayed there until three o'clock in the morning. You were one hour late this morning. Nicolas, if you do this again, you don't have to work here."

Nicolas felt guilty.

He did go to a party last night, but she couldn't blame him. Since he came to Gredax, he lived like a monk. Moreover, he saw Madelyn's cold face every day, and he was bored with his life.

After partying last night, he was energetic.

Nicolas said hesitantly, "I'm not that into parties. There's nothing new about parties."

Madelyn didn't want to interfere with his private life, as long as it didn't affect his work.

She didn't ask Nicola to drive her to the French restaurant in the evening.


When Madelyn got out of the taxi, she saw Benjamin waiting for her at the gate.

The lobby of the restaurant had a romantic touch.

Benjamin was dressed formally.

He was wearing a black shirt and a grey tie under his black tailored three-piece suits.

He had a great figure with broad shoulders and a slender waist. Moreover, he looked elegant, and passersby couldn't help glancing at him.

Madelyn couldn't help taking a deep look at him, but she soon restrained herself.

Benjamin went up to him and said with brooding eyes, "Why didn't you ask Nicolas to drive you here? I'll pick you up if it's not convenient for you next time."


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