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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 199

Chapter 199 I Want to Share My Life with You

Madelyn had never met such a shameless man before.

She stormed out of the restaurant in anger.

Benjamin didn't chase her, but he seemed to have made an arrangement. When Madelyn went out, a shiny black car pulled over at the gate, and the driver said to her respectfully, "Ms. Green, where are you going? Mr. Clark asked me to give you a lift."

Madelyn refused.

She had a feeling that Benjamin had cast a net and waited for her to get trapped.

She didn't want that!

It was dark at night. Madelyn wandered alone on the street. The neon lights were beautiful, but she was not in the mood to admire them.

She kept walking until she got to a park, where a Ferris wheel glowed with colorful lights and turned in the air. Children's happy laughter could now and then be heard. They were sweet and lovely.

Madelyn paused.

She looked at the children quietly, imagining that the child of Grayson and Vivian might go there to play in a few years. For those games that Vivian didn't dare to play, Grayson would accompany the child...

The family of three should live happily together.

Madelyn suddenly wanted to see Vivian.

She bought some tonics and took a taxi to Vivian's apartment. Grayson was not there.

Madelyn entered the apartment and put down the gifts.

She saw Vivian's face was pale. She guessed Vivian didn't have an appetite because she was in a bad mood.

Madelyn sat on the small sofa and picked up a book on the side. It was a book on parenting. When Vivian came back with the coffee, she saw Madelyn reading the book. The atmosphere got subtle.

Vivian put down the coffee and said in a shaky voice, "Madelyn, will you look down on me?"

Madelyn patted the back of Vivian's hand and said with feigned ease, "What are you talking about? Getting pregnant is a good thing. It takes many infertile couples a long time to have children. Since you have a baby, you should take good care of yourself. Your baby will be beautiful. Both Grayson and you are good-looking."

Vivian's eyes turned red.

She hugged Madelyn quietly and said in a sobbed voice, "Madelyn, I'm frightened. I'm afraid that I can't give happiness to the baby. It came at the wrong time. Grayson... Grayson almost fell out with his family because of this. I'm afraid that he will give up on me."

Madelyn held Vivian quietly for a while.

She began, "Grayson seems to love you very much, and he will love the baby. Vivian, give birth to the baby. Don't mind about Jackson and Grayson. At the worst, I'll help you raise the child."

Vivian leaned against Madelyn's shoulder and shed tears.

She used not to be weak, but she had experienced too much during the past year and became sensitive and vulnerable.

Madelyn didn't tell Vivian that she went to beg Benjamin.

Before she left, she gave Vivian a check for 300 thousand dollars, saying it was the dividend from the musical center. Vivian knew that her investment was small, and she shouldn't have so high a dividend, so she hesitated.

Madelyn thrust the check into Vivian's hand. "It's the milk money for the baby."

Vivian smiled and said, "I'll ask the baby to call you Dad."

Madelyn swore, "Damn you!" It was rare for her to be rude.


When she left, Madelyn met Jackson outside the apartment building.

He didn't intend to go up, so he sat in the car and smoked a cigarette. When he saw Madelyn coming out of the building, he quickly got out of the car."

"Hi, Madelyn."

After experiencing so much, Madelyn hated him, but she didn't want to say hurting words to him, so she said softly, "Let go of Vivian. You know well that..."

Jackson wore a wistful look. He took a deep puff on the cigarette and tossed it away, stubbing it with his foot.

Following that, he looked at Madelyn.

They had been on bad terms for a long time, but he said to her with exceptional politeness, "Madelyn, Vivian can be a bit tetchy but her bark is worse than her bite. She is not as independent as you, and she listens to you... I know I offended you a lot before, but please put in a few good words for me, considering my relationship with Vivian over the years. If she is willing to come back to me, I will pretend nothing has happened and won't mention it at all."

Madelyn looked at his desperate face and felt pity for him.

She said calmly, "Jackson, you've never loved Vivian. When you courted her, you messed with Elizabeth. Real love includes loyalty, but you've never had it."

Jackson was taken aback.

He said with red eyes, "Madelyn, I was wrong. Please pass on the message for me."

Madelyn shook her head quietly. It was too late.

Vivian couldn't turn back even if she was not pregnant...

Madelyn went back home.

Grayson sent her a message and thanked her without asking for the result.

But Madelyn knew that he was eager to know.

Later on, she made an inquiry and found that Grayson argued with his family bitterly. His family said Vivian had to abort the baby if they wanted to be together. After Vivian got divorced, she could marry into the Jing family without any scandals.

They claimed that the couple would have more babies in the future.

Madelyn leaned against the wall on the balcony and looked at the crescent moon. Yes, Grayson and Vivian were still young, and they would have more babies. But even if they gave birth to other babies, the one in Vivian's belly would not be there.

If they lost the baby, would they continue their relationship?

Madelyn was not an angel, but her heart ached when she thought of Vivian's teary face.

It was late at night...


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