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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 200

Chapter 200 I Want It

The air in the office seemed to freeze.

Madelyn turned paler.

After a long while, she said with difficulty, "Benjamin, do you know that I'd rather negotiate the deal with you? The last thing we should do is talk about love, future, and marriage."

She raised her head slightly and continued, "Who said that marriage was only a piece of waste paper?"

Benjamin was taken aback.

He said in a hoarse and gentle voice, "Madelyn, I'm sorry. I broke your heart."

He took a paper tissue and handed it to her.

Madelyn restrained herself and said in a low voice, "Benjamin, you want a chance, and I'll give you one. One year... I'll stay with you for one year. We'll part in one year."

Benjamin sat with his back turned to the window.

He was in the shadows. When he heard what she said, he raised his eyebrow. "What if you love me and want to marry me in one year?"

Madelyn didn't answer.

Benjamin got what she meant. She would put on guard against him and stop herself from falling for him.

What she was willing to give during the year remained the same.

Benjamin reclined on the sofa. He looked relaxed, but he stiffened slightly. Good. He taught her in person. Now she was good at negotiating and fooling him.

He was silent for a long time.

Madelyn gazed at him and said in a tight voice, "Benjamin, do you want it or not?"


"Yes!" Benjamin gave in.


Madelyn was dazed.

Benjamin rose and went to the back of her armchair, hugging her quietly and pressing his thin lips against her ear. "Madelyn, I want it... Don't say you're my sex partner. How can I do that to you? Our relationship is perfectly above board. Please stop saying that."

Benjamin was good at displaying his charm and tenderness. When he wanted to deal with her, he would resort to these methods...

Madelyn was well aware of it.

She said calmly, "We won't live together, nor will we see each other's parents."


"But I can take you to my apartment at weekends occasionally, can't I? Lovers do that a lot."

Madelyn didn't object.

In fact, she didn't want Benjamin to go to her apartment.

After making the deal, Madelyn turned to leave.

Benjamin pressed her shoulders quietly and leaned to kiss her. He was standing, and Madelyn was sitting. It was not a comfortable posture for kissing, but he was turned on.

Madelyn didn't turn away, but she didn't respond to his kiss.

Seeing that she wouldn't kiss him back, Benjamin chuckled softly. "It's been only half a year, and you don't know how to kiss? Madelyn, let me..."

He gripped her chin with his slender fingers and gave a soft pinch.

Madelyn involuntarily opened her mouth, and he stuck his tongue inside and invaded every inch of her mouth. It was a small kiss in the beginning, but it became passionate after they separated for half a year.

Their hearts beat faster after the kiss.

Benjamin leaned against her shoulder and panted heavily, saying in a hoarse voice, "Madelyn, you still have feelings for me."

Madelyn was embarrassed.

She buttoned her shirt with trembling hands.

When they kissed passionately just now, Benjamin lost control and unbuttoned her shirt. After regaining her composure, Madelyn was bitterly embarrassed. In her desperation, she failed to button up. In the end, Benjamin helped her with the buttoning.

He stooped to press his forehead against hers. "I don't want you to go."

Madelyn's eyes got misty.

Benjamin knew her body had feelings for him even though she was reluctant.

Benjamin didn't tease Madelyn like before. He straightened her clothes gently and said quietly, "I have work to do later. I'll ask my driver to take you back to the music center."

Madelyn couldn't stand his gentleness.

She rose and faced him, trying to stay calm. "I'll take a taxi. Mr. Clark, Vivian..."

Benjamin gazed at her the way a man looked at a woman.

He smiled and said, "Do you still call me Mr. Clark?"

Madelyn was embarrassed.

Benjamin didn't say anything else and made an internal call, asking Sasha to come. "Walk Ms. Green downstairs and hail a taxi for her."

Sasha gave a sweet smile and said, "Ms. Green, this way, please."


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