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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 226

Chapter 226 Is Evie's Dad Flirting with Her?

Everest didn't fully understand, but she nodded.

Children didn't know such things, and all she knew was that she was going to have a mom, and she was very happy, eating two bowls of rice for dinner.

The maids were happy. "Little Evie is really great today!"

Everest with her tea-colored curls, bargained with her dad, "If I see Ms. Green every day, I will eat two bowls of rice every day!"

Benjamin sat on the sofa, dealing with business.

Hearing this, he glanced over lightly, "If you want to see Ms. Green, figure it out yourself!"

Everest sniffled.

She ran over and nestled into her dad's arms. "Dad, you're useless!"

Benjamin didn't say anything.

He moved the files away, holding Everest, his chin resting on her soft tea-colored curls.

His voice suddenly became hoarse. "Dad made her angry! Everest, can you bring mom home?"

Everest lay on his shoulder.

That seemed like agreement!

She murmured, "I want to play the piano!"

Benjamin looked at the villa. It seemed like he had forgotten to buy a piano, but his little treasure Everest wanted to play, so he drove her out himself.

Half an hour later, a black Maybach stopped under an apartment building!

This apartment was still the same as before.

When Benjamin missed Madelyn and had nowhere to vent, he would come here alone, sit in the living room, quietly light a few cigarettes ... and then rush back when he felt better.

He had to take care of Everest!

After opening the door, Everest expressed her fondness for the place.

Benjamin said in a hoarse voice, "This is where Ms. Green and I fell in love. This Morningdew was originally a gift from dad to her, but she didn't want it after dad made her angry!"

Everest suddenly felt nervous. She looked up and asked, "Did she not want Everest either?"

Benjamin squatted down.

He looked at Everest and said very seriously, "She doesn't know about you! She thought ... thought... Everest, she loves you a lot!"

Everest didn't quite understand.

But she was born proud. "I also think if she knew she had such a cute baby, she would definitely not want to let go."

Benjamin smiled faintly.

He kissed the little one's soft cheeks and placed her in front of the piano.

Everest had only taken one lesson, but she had talent and played well.

Benjamin stood by the floor-to-ceiling window, watching Everest.

White skirt, tea-colored hair, her back straight.

He seemed to see Madelyn!

Everest finished playing a simple piece and looked up for praise, but when she saw her dad's gaze she froze... His eyes were so gentle!

On the way back, Benjamin carried the little one downstairs.

Everest thought Dad usually let her walk by herself, but today it was as if she didn't have legs, he had to carry her!


When old men fell in love, they were not normal!


Benjamin really missed Madelyn.

Previously when she was in Oriapool, he couldn't see her and that was it, but now that she was in Gredax, he had to suppress his feelings, which he felt was very detrimental to his physical and mental health.

Everest was in the bathroom, singing.

Benjamin was half leaning on the sofa, looking somewhat languid.

He took Everest's phone and began to send messages to Madelyn.

"Ms. Green, this is Evie's dad!"


On the other end, Madelyn had just finished showering and received a message from a strange number. It turned out to be Evie's dad. Her first impression of this swindler with a Lincoln car was not good.

But he was Evie's dad.

Madelyn still needed to communicate well with him. She tried to adopt a very professional attitude and discussed Evie's piano progress with him, but the swindler seemed a bit distracted.

Madelyn sent a question mark.


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