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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 228

Chapter 228 Any Man These Years?

Benjamin was busy.

On the other end, Madelyn was quite angry, her female intuition telling her that this parent had that kind of thoughts towards her.

To maintain a distance, Madelyn postponed the parent-teacher meeting, and when she called Little Evie, the little one sounded particularly disappointed. Over the phone, Madelyn could imagine her looking downcast.

Just thinking about it, Madelyn felt distressed.

But she couldn't just outright say, "It's because your father sexually harassed me!"

As Madelyn hung up the phone, a call from Kenneth came in.

Madelyn was surprised. "Uncle, are you in Gredax?"

Kenneth was clearly taken aback.

But having been immersed in high-level situations for many years, he quickly said, "I came to visit your mother (Camila), and also found an authoritative expert for her! What, do you have a problem with your uncle having some free time?"

How could Madelyn disagree given the familial ties?

Kenneth changed the subject, his tone more casual. "You're free tomorrow night, right? Come and have dinner with your uncle."

Madelyn, wanting to change her mood, agreed.

At eight o'clock the next evening, she arrived at the appointed private dining restaurant.

Only when she arrived did she find out this was a blind date.

Besides her Uncle Kenneth, there was a very dignified older woman, and sitting next to her was presumably her son, handsome and cultured.

Seeing Madelyn arrive, Kenneth ended his conversation and introduced her with a smile, "This is my niece, Madelyn!"

Madelyn could not lose face for him.

She gave a small smile, greeted everyone, and sat down.

The woman was an old colleague of Kenneth, and didn't ask too many questions, being quite gentle.

Kenneth then introduced the man.

The man, 28 years old, a graduate of a prestigious British university, was engaged in biological research.

The man was very attentive, clearly quite smitten with Madelyn, which made her feel quite pressured.

She looked towards Kenneth.

Kenneth smirked ambiguously.

In fact, he didn't arrange this blind date. It was set up by his old colleague's son who liked Madelyn and had requested it himself.

Madelyn had no choice but to communicate with the man. However, what she didn't know was that Benjamin was also in this restaurant at the moment.

He was there to treat an important client who had come to Gredax for dinner.

Just as he was discussing the key points, he saw Madelyn arriving... for a blind date!

He recognized the old woman.

She was Ximena Gavin, Kenneth's old colleague, who held a high position.

Oscar Gavin, the only child of his family and a year younger than Madelyn, was gazing at Madelyn with adoration.

In such a blind date situation, they were just waiting for Madelyn's approval.

Benjamin became a little uneasy, staring at Madelyn's expression, as if he wanted to pry into her thoughts!

He wasn't fearless, as he had been separated from Madelyn for so long...

Benjamin's gaze was gloomy and uncertain.

After Madelyn went to the bathroom, he decisively stood up. "Sorry, I'm going to the bathroom!"


Madelyn was washing her hands slowly.

She didn't really want to go back to eat. It was a lot of stress.

Benjamin appeared silently behind her, leaning against the wall, watching her quietly.

She looked so beautiful tonight.

White shirt, beige knee-length skirt, a pair of slender and straight legs.

Over her upper body, she wore a beige cape.

Originally, Madelyn's appearance was his aesthetic, and after three years, she was even more attractive to him.


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