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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Evie is Everest!

Madelyn did not consider it.

She whispered softly, "Uncle, I don't have any plans for now!"

Kenneth sighed. "Still can't forget Benjamin, can you?"

Madelyn shook her head slightly.

After a while, she looked out at the night view and murmured, "Uncle, I don't know if it's right or wrong to come back this time! Three years have passed. No matter how unforgettable our past is, I should have forgotten him..."

But Benjamin wouldn't let go.

He had a very obvious desire to possess her.

Madelyn could feel it. If she dared to marry another man, he could do something very disgraceful.

She decided to wait until Camila's health improved, then take her abroad.

She wanted to stay away from Benjamin!

Seeing her expression, Kenneth guessed what she was thinking. He felt both frustrated and amused.

Benjamin, that guy, was indeed quite shameless.

Take these past few years, for example. Even though he had divorced Madelyn, he still went to visit the Ryan family in Vadiff to celebrate the New Year every year... This year, he even brought his child, which scared the old lady at home.

The old lady cried all night, and the rascal knelt beside her all night.

So now, Kenneth also turned a blind eye. After all, Benjamin had saved Everest, raised her from infancy to the age of three.

Given this, Kenneth felt he could still be redeemed.

Kenneth wanted to probe, so he casually asked, "If Everest was still alive back then, Madelyn, what would you choose?"

Madelyn was taken aback.

Over the years, she never dared to think "what if..."

She didn't answer. She just quietly looked out the car window. But in her mind, she thought of the rose garden and the stone tablet with the names "Benjamin & Madelyn" on it.

These were all mysteries.

Madelyn trembled slightly, she suddenly turned her head. "Uncle!"

Kenneth waved his hand with a smile. "I was just asking."

Madelyn was somewhat disappointed, but a seed of doubt was planted in her heart. She thought about her two encounters with Benjamin after returning to the country... He was incredibly bold!


Yes! And Evie's shameless father!

[Evie says Ms. Green is very pretty!]

[Ms. Green, I really want to meet you.]

[Don't be angry... Okay?]


Madelyn felt a chill throughout her body.

Her face gradually turned pale, she grabbed Kenneth's arm, her voice trembling. "Uncle, is Everest... still alive?"

Kenneth quietly told the driver to stop the car.

The driver got out of the car and went to a distance to smoke.

In the car, only the two of them remained. It was so quiet that one could hear the beating of their hearts. Kenneth softly said, "You've already met her!"

Madelyn slowly let go of her hand!

Evie ... was Everest!

Evie, the child she gave birth to three years ago, was still here!

Madelyn burst into tears, her voice suppressed, her whole body tense...

Kenneth gently patted her head and whispered, "We didn't want to tell you earlier! Firstly, Everest's condition was unstable for the first two years... We were afraid that you would be hurt again, and secondly, we all wanted you to fully recover."

Tears streamed down Madelyn's face. "I want to see her now! Uncle, I want now!"

Kenneth, being experienced, responded calmly. "If you go now, are you prepared to reconcile with Benjamin? Madelyn... No matter what decision you make, I will respect it. After all, he has indeed paid a lot for this child! But I hope that you are with him because you still like him, not because of the child."

Kenneth knew it would be hard for her to restrain herself.

After all, it was her own flesh and blood, and she longed to love and yet had to restrain.

He gave Madelyn time.


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