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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 230

Chapter 230 Madelyn, I Miss You So Much!

But Madelyn didn't have the mood to talk.

She knew clearly what he wanted to discuss, nothing more than wanting to get back together with her.

After all they'd been through, and three years since their divorce...

Madelyn's feelings had cooled. She didn't hate him as much as before, but the love she once had for him had also vanished.

But because of Everest, she wanted to stay peacefully with him.

She whispered, "I want to see her first!"

Under the dim light.

The hand that he was clutching gently loosened, and then he whispered, "Go! Just don't wake her."

Madelyn made a soft sound of agreement and walked past him to go upstairs.

After she was far away, Benjamin looked down at his palm, which still held the residual warmth of Madelyn, a warmth he yearned for.


On the second floor, in front of the child's bedroom.

Madelyn's fingers landed on the doorknob. She hesitated for a moment, then gently pushed the door open.

Everest was indeed sleeping.

In the light pink bedroom, a bedside lamp was on, the little girl was sleeping on her side, her small mouth slightly open, exhaling sweet breaths.

Madelyn's heart was both aching and tender.

She sat by the bed, extended her slender fingers, and gently stroked Everest.

She could never touch enough!

For three years, she had been absent from this child's life, especially the two years when Everest was lying in the lab. She was not there as a mother.

Guilt overwhelmed her.

Even though she knew that Benjamin was trying to do what was best for her at the time, she still hated him.

Tears slipped from the corners of Madelyn's eyes. She didn't wipe them away, but bent down and kissed her Everest.

Everest looked like her.

Yet her temperament was entirely inherited from Benjamin.

Madelyn couldn't help but lie down and hold Everest, smelling the faint scent of milk on her. Her heart gradually calmed down, as if at this moment, all the pain was being soothed.

Benjamin stood at the door, silently watching them.

He knew he should give Madelyn time to adjust, but he couldn't help himself.

He desperately wanted to get close to her.

It wasn't just about desire, but wanting to have this person, and after three years, he wanted to know if she still wanted him!

Benjamin turned off the light.

The bedroom suddenly plunged into darkness, and Madelyn was taken aback.

Next, the soft mattress beside her sank deeply, and Benjamin propped himself above her. In the dim light, neither of them could see each other clearly...

Madelyn lowered her voice. "Benjamin, you're insane!"

He stared at her.

Then under her gaze, he lowered his head and kissed her. Madelyn was caught off guard as he explored her lips, gently teasing...

They hadn't been intimate for a long time.

Benjamin was clearly much less adept than before, but he teased her based on memory, trying to make her comfortable.

Madelyn pushed him.

But Everest was sleeping next to them, and any loud noises might wake her. She didn't want the child to witness this. As she hesitated, Benjamin held her face and began to deeply kiss her...

Madelyn couldn't escape, and in desperation, she bit him.

Benjamin pulled away.

In the darkness, his dark eyes locked onto hers and he said hoarsely, "Madelyn, you responded just now! You still feel something for my body!"

Madelyn's breathing was chaotic.


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