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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 231

Chapter 231 I See Daddy Kiss Mommy

Benjamin was laughing in anger.

He walked back to his position opposite her, picked up the cold coffee and slowly finished it.

After he finished, he put down the cup and laughed sarcastically.

"So, I should frequently visit your place to see the kid?

"Occasionally, when the weather is bad, should I stay over there?

"Madelyn... You can control yourself. I'm afraid I can't control myself. If the news gets out that the CEO of Everest Group has kept in contact with his ex-wife all the time, it will affect my reputation and marriage!"


He was talking nonsense, and Madelyn was furious.

Damn it!

She didn't want to talk to him anymore. It was pointless anyway!

At this moment, the clock downstairs struck seven.

It was seven o'clock in the morning!

Benjamin checked the time and said to Madelyn. "You need to take a bath and change your clothes, then we'll take Everest to school together!"

His expression was somewhat tender. "She'll definitely be very happy!"

When it came to the child, Madelyn was mostly compliant.

She insisted on taking a bath in the guest room, but didn't think it was necessary to change her clothes. However, after taking the bath, she changed her mind.

Her period started.

There were faint traces of blood on her beige dress.

Madelyn stayed in the bathroom for a while, and Benjamin came to knock on the door. "Are you done, Madelyn? Everest will wake up in a while. She'll definitely be angry if she doesn't see you..."

It might even trigger her autism!

Madelyn was quite anxious.

She put on her original clothes and cracked the door open. Considering that they had been husband and wife before, it wasn't that hard to ask. "Do you have any sanitary pads here? And women's clothes?"

Benjamin's gaze was profound.

He looked at her up and down. Then he slowly said, "Why would I have such things here? I haven't had a woman in my life for these past years, let alone women's clothes."

Madelyn bit her lip. "I don't need your loyalty! How am I supposed to go out now?"

Benjamin stared at her for a while. Then he said, "Wait a moment!"

There should be a maid around forty years old in the house who hasn't gone through menopause.

As for clothes, Benjamin picked out a black shirt from his wardrobe and grabbed a pair of sports shorts.

The maid brought her own sanitary pads, and her face was slightly red. "I don't know if the lady can get used to it!"

Benjamin looked at it. It was the brand Madelyn used to use.

He smiled faintly. "She used it before."

With this smile, the maid was quite surprised.

She had heard people say before that Mr. Clark and his wife had divorced and it was quite unpleasant at that time. They all thought the couple would never get along, but they didn't expect the lady to come over last night and Mr. Clark to be in such a good mood.

Benjamin went directly into the guest room.

Madelyn was in the bathroom and felt a bit uncomfortable in her lower abdomen. After giving birth, she wasn't the same as before, and she would feel some pain during her period.

She took the clothes and quickly changed.

When she came out, she didn't expect Benjamin to still be there. He was sitting on the living room couch, refreshing news on his phone.

As Madelyn approached, he looked up.

She was wearing his black shirt, the hem covering her sports shorts, exposing a pair of slender legs.

Around her waist, she tied her own thin belt.

Benjamin's Adam's apple bobbed slightly. And he said hoarsely, "You look quite good!"

Madelyn was about to find a bag to put her clothes in, but Benjamin casually said, "Let the maid wash it!"

For such a private matter, Madelyn couldn't possibly let someone else do it.

Besides, this was Benjamin's house.

She insisted on finding a laundry bag, but before she found one, Everest woke up. Running around barefooted to find her mom, she finally found her in the guest room, ran into her arms and couldn't move.

Madelyn held the soft little girl.

She kissed her, picked her up, warmed her little feet with one hand while walking and chastising her with concern. "You're not allowed to walk barefoot in the future, understand?"

Everest nestled in her mother's neck, not speaking.

Benjamin wanted to let Everest down, but Madelyn was unwilling to do so. She carried Everest back to the children's room and helped her dress.

From the hallway outside, came Everest's soft voice. "Are mom and dad going to take me to school together today?"


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